Free Driving Safer for Longer workshop in Truro

October 31st, 2013 by

Tuesday 5th November.
Grenville Room, 3rd Floor New County Hall, Truro

Older drivers have a wealth of driving experience which means they are likely to be more tolerant and confident drivers. Our Driving safer for longer workshop aims to help them to continue to enjoy driving.

These workshops are completely free and there is no need to phone to book a place. Simply turn up on the day, and enjoy the informative and useful two hour presentation and discussion.


Channel 4 programme on Female Genital mutilation (FGM)

October 30th, 2013 by

Safer Cornwall encourages you to watch a channel 4 programme on Wed 6th Nov at 10.45 pm. The show is called ‘The Cruel Cut’ and is advertised as a passionate, exuberant exploration of the complex world of Female Genital Mutilation. it is only by understanding these issues, that we can help victims of this illegal practice.


Halloween Event at Camborne Community Fire Station

October 28th, 2013 by

Camborne Community Fire Station is holding a Halloween event on Thursday 31st October from 18:00pm-20:00pm for families and young people. There will be road and fire safety advice on the night too.  Look out for more details in the press or on our Events Page.


Anti Social Behaviour Team Update

October 25th, 2013 by

It has been a busy month for the ASB team this October. Online reporting has dropped but new cases have been referred to the team through other agencies such as Police and Environmental Health.

We have had a total of 14 Court orders successfully granted consisting of:

1 ASBO on the back of criminal conviction for an individual in Truro
1 ASBO on the back of criminal conviction for an individual in Launceston
1 ASBO on the back of criminal conviction for an individual in Camborne
1 ASBO on the back of criminal conviction for an individual in Newquay

ASBOs are Anti Social Behaviour Orders and consist of a series of prohibitions that the subjected individual must NOT do (e.g. Not to enter the town centre of Truro between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00). If the subject of the ASBO does not comply with the order then they can be arrested and a court can apply a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and up to a £5000 fine.

We have also had 9 Drink banning orders issued:

4 in Redruth
2 in Camborne
1 in Penzance
1 in Hayle
1 in Truro

A Drink Banning Order or DBO, is a court order specifically aimed at individuals who commit acts of anti social behaviour while under the influence of alcohol. These can only carry prohibitions related to alcohol (e.g. not to be found in possession of an open container of alcohol in any public place within the town known as Redruth). If the subject of a DBO does not comply with the prohibitions on the order they can be subject of a fine up to £2500.

Lastly the ASB Team managed to gain a successful Premises Closure in Falmouth. Premises Closures are court orders which are used to close properties that are associated with persistent nuisance and disorder. These can be anything from nightclubs to residential properties. Once granted by the court the property closure order gives a power to close a property completely or partially for a maximum of three months and can prevent access by any persons – even those with rights of abode or ownership.

For further information on ASB and how to report it to the ASB Team please visit


Penzance Battlefields Clean Up day

October 25th, 2013 by

Battlefields Clean Up

Following a number of complaints to Cornwall Council, Safer Cornwall and Penzance Town Council, a multi agency team have been in the Battlefields area of Penzance addressing issues relating to dog fouling, littering, and inconsiderate parking in the neighbourhood.

During the one day operation over 170 homes were visited, with advice and information being offered to each of the residents by Police, Fire, Cornwall Council, Penzance Town Council and Cornwall Collaborative.

At the same time, a clean up operation was made of local streets and rear access lanes.



Its Halloween!

October 23rd, 2013 by

halloweennotricknotreata5-190This month, we want to ensure that Halloween is a happy and safe time for everyone, whether young or old.


No trick, no treat, no thanks!

If you don’t want to be bothered by ‘trick or treaters’ this Halloween, we would like to suggest that you print this ‘No trick, no treat, no thanks’ poster, and place it in the front door or window of your home.

We are not trying to spoil the fun of Halloween but we would like ‘trick or treaters’ to recognise that some people, particularly if elderly or vulnerable, might be distressed by strangers knocking at their door during the evening.

We would like to ask people not to call at houses displaying this poster.

Print this poster and display on your home, or on the homes of your vulnerable neighbours or relatives.


Top tips for young people at Halloween

  • Always be accompanied by an adult when you are trick-or-treating.
  • You should only go to houses of people that you know and who are happy for you to call.
  • Stay safe, keep to places that you know and are well lit. Do not take short cuts through gardens, alleyways or parks.
  • Watch out for traffic – drivers might not see you.
  • If you are wearing a mask make sure that you can see where you are going and are aware of your surroundings.
  • Carry a torch and a fully charged mobile phone (if you have one).

Children and Young People at Halloween

Kids always enjoy Halloween, but it can be a worrying time for parents. Safer Cornwall thinks Halloween should be a treat for everyone, so we have produced the following safety tips to help make sure your kids have fun in safety!

Dressing up safely

  • Lots of kids like to make turnip or pumpkin lanterns – so try and make sure that costumes are flame-retardant.
  • Costumes should not be too long or restrict your child’s freedom to move – you don’t want any unplanned bumps in the night!
  • Some masks can obstruct a child’s vision, a potential danger, especially if they are crossing roads. Consider using face paints instead.
  • If your kids are going to be outside then make sure they are wearing visible clothing – perhaps you could put reflective tape on their costumes.
  • Some costumes – coupled with the excitement of Halloween – can encourage aggressive behaviour. Even fake knives, swords and other costume accessories can hurt or scare people. Make sure your kids understand this and that any potentially dangerous items are made of cardboard or other flexible materials.

Having fun in safety

  • The safest way for children to celebrate Halloween is by going to an organised party. Why not hold your own with ducking for apples, doughnuts on strings and all the other fun and games of Halloween?!
  • Lots of kids like to go trick-or-treating or guising at Halloween. Kids should always go out in groups and younger children should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Older kids should agree with parents or guardians in advance exactly where they are going and if possible which houses they intend to visit.
  • It is likely to be dark outside – make sure kids have torches and only walk down well-lit streets.
  • If your kids have a mobile phone make sure they take it with them and check in at regular intervals to let you know all is well. Agree in advance a time when they will be back home and make sure one of them has a watch.
  • Make sure your kids know not to enter anyone’s house and not to accept lifts in people’s cars.
  • Talk through the idea of trick or treat, and make sure your kids don’t do anything to upset or annoy the people they visit.

Safe Treats

  • Ask your kids not to eat any sweets or other goodies that they have been given until they get home. Giving them a meal or snack before they go might help them resist temptation!

Carefully check all the things your kids have been given. Sweets and food that are still in their original wrappers are safest.


Safer Cornwall Strategic Assessment 2013-14 Released

October 21st, 2013 by

An evidence base for all.

The Safer Cornwall Strategic Assessment 2013-14 has been released. This assessment contains information to aid understanding of the priority issues identified for the communities of Cornwall, including what has changed over the last year, what work we are doing, how we are measuring our effectiveness and future challenges.

To read the documents please go to Documents and Publications page where you can access them to read or download.

You can find the page here Documents and Publications.


Alcohol Advice for Older People …

October 18th, 2013 by

There is now a leaflet for older people and their carers in Cornwall, about ways that alcohol may start to affect you differently, situations that may create increased risk, and how to access advice or support.

You can find more details, and the leaflet, here:


Get Help!

October 18th, 2013 by

How to find help if drugs or alcohol are causing problems for you, a friend, or a family member in Cornwall …

Where can I get help?

Look here for contact details for Addaction, who provide the service throughout Cornwall.


FREE training for Pubs and clubs

October 14th, 2013 by

Substance Misuse And Alcohol Retail training (SMART) provides information on alcohol and drugs, particularly in relation to risk taking with these substances, and on the key elements of the Licensing Act 2003. This training is primarily targeted at less experienced pub and club staff who have not completed their Personal Alcohol Licence, or those staff with a Personal Alcohol Licence who wish to revisit the core alcohol and drugs information and key legal issues. Free training (funded through the Alcohol Prospectus Fund) is only available until Christmas, so hurry up and book a place!

Personal alcohol advice


For more info please contact:

Nick Mounsey:

07853 214391


Safer Cornwall are a working partnership involving: