November edition of the Crime and Policing News Update.

November 29th, 2013 by

November edition of the Crime and Policing News Update.

This month’s news update contains information on the following:

  • Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme and Domestic Violence Protection Orders
  • This is Abuse campaign
  • women and girls associated with street gangs: regional training
  • Police Innovation Fund
  • re-design
  • innovative uses of new technology
  • Innovation through Collaboration, 10 December: event reminder
  • news from the College of Policing
  • new funding for restorative justice
  • Out of Court Disposals
  • IOM National Conference 2013
  • proposed new statutory powers for the Forensic Science Regulator
  • Vulnerable and Disengaged Young People Fund
  • poisons and chemicals consultations
  • consolidated advisory services for asylum seekers
  • Revolving Doors Agency
  • speeches

Domestic Abuse conference in Cornwall a real success

November 27th, 2013 by

In July 2011, Safer Cornwall adopted a 4 year Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Strategy 2011-15; ‘The Right Response’. At the half-way stage and in the week before National Domestic Violence Awareness Week, Safer Cornwall held a conference drawing together over 200 professionals with a single aim to ask ‘how close are we to achieving this?’

The day was a real success. The issues discussed were emotional and thought provoking, getting 200 professionals in this field together, took a lot of hard work by the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence coordinator for Cornwall – Michelle Davies. The greater knowledge gained by all on the day, made it really worth while, and gave attendees a sense of what is left to be done to achieve ‘The Right Response’ .

 Speakers on the day included;

Kim Doyle and Stephanie Reardon from Limeculture, a Community Interest Company specialist sexual violence organisation focusing on improving the response to sexual violence in the UK. Their session assessed the audience’s understanding of the multi-agency strategy and through facilitated discussion, where was the priority areas of development.

Frank Mullane, who is a member of the national group which quality assures all Domestic Homicide Reviews in England and Wales and a Home Office appointed ‘reader’ of these. Frank’s many years of study in this area followed the murders of his sister Julia and nephew William Pemberton by Alan Pemberton in 2003 despite Julia seeking assistance from Police. The family campaigned for five years to uncover all the facts and still continue to meet the agencies involved to encourage progress and share learning. The Pemberton Homicide Review was described by one expert as “..a landmark achievement in the field of domestic violence fatality or homicide review….., the review sets a gold standard in terms of its detailed appreciation of the complex issues in domestic violence cases…..”

Jim Gamble brings over thirty years experience from the world of protective services and a strong reputation for successful delivery in counter terrorism, organized and hi-tech crime prevention and child protection. A strong advocate of international multi-agency partnerships, Jim was the founding Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, the Association of Chief Police Officers lead on Child Protection and Child Trafficking and the founder and initial Chair of the Virtual Global Task Force, an international collaboration to make children safer online. His primary focus has been on developing effective multi-sector partnerships that make people safer.

Zoe Lodrick is generally recognised as having specialist knowledge/expertise with regard to human behaviour/response when faced with a perceived threat (especially interpersonal and sexual threat). As a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and an experienced Trainer and Consultant.  She has over 20 years experience of providing counselling and psychotherapy to women and men who have experienced rape, sexual assault and/or childhood sexual abuse and exploitation; and delivering training and consultation to professionals who work with victims/survivors of sexualised traumas (whether therapeutically or within the criminal justice system).


Powerful, thought provoking road safety initiative appeals for volunteer speakers

November 26th, 2013 by

Learn 2 Live is a powerful, thought provoking initiative, designed to target young driver and passenger casualties in Cornwall. Since it started in Cornwall four years ago, thousands of young and pre-drivers have attended Learn 2 Live.

The Learn 2 Live programme is based on a short DVD showing a group of friends being involved in a collision and the emergency services arriving. As each agency arrives at the scene, the DVD is paused and a member of that particular emergency service enters the stage to give their chilling account of attending the scene of a road traffic collision.

Retained Firefighter Darren Berrey, has been involved in Learn 2 Live since it started in Cornwall, he says “With an audience of 300 young dreams all hinging on you being able to get your experience of what it is really like to attend a fatal road traffic collision across to them. Is it hard? Yes! Why do I do it? I do it in the hope that I will never have to see a young person killed in a collision again.”

Darren Berrey telling his account of being called to a road traffic collision

Mark Leath is a Family Liaison Officer for Devon and Cornwall Police, when speaking about why he got involved in Learn 2 Live he says “As a traffic Officer I have attended far too many fatal collisions, and as someone who has told relatives that their husband, wife, son or daughter has been killed, I have witnessed firsthand the devastation that the death of a loved one has had on their family and friends. I see Learn 2 Live as an opportunity to pass on my experiences in the hope that young people will take on board what is being said and that they will be responsible and careful when driving.”

Mark Leath giving his account of the impact a collision can have

These accounts are then followed by a volunteer family member who has lost a loved one in a road traffic collision telling their story of the circumstances of their loss and the devastating affect that this has had on their life.

Tracy Porter, who lost her daughter Vicki in a car crash in 2001 explains her motivations for being involved in the initiative, “A young lady who was clearly upset, came up to me after one of the events and thanked me. She said that she would never show her boyfriend text messages while he was driving again. What a result! That’s the reason I am proud to be a part of this amazing initiative and would recommend it to others who have suffered a loss.”

Tracy Porter sharing the devastating story of losing her daughter Vicki in a road traffic collision

The programme concludes with an account from a volunteer speaker who has been directly involved in a collision, telling their story of how it happened and what impact it has had on their life.

The Learn 2 Live program relies on volunteer speakers who have been affected by losing a friend or family member in a collision, or who have been directly involved in a collision which resulted in their loss, sharing their personal experiences with students, Road Safety is requesting people in Cornwall who may be interested in helping with this worthwhile initiative to contact them to find out more about helping to save young people’s lives.

Tamsin Ferris, Road Safety Officer, says: “Through Learn 2 Live, young drivers and passengers witness how a collision occurs, the devastation that follows, and how the lives of all the professionals, and in particular family members, are affected. This highly impactful programme helps young drivers to think about the facts, consequences, and what they can do in order to avoid being involved in a road traffic collision.”

For further information regarding the Learn 2 Live programme, or volunteering to become part of the Learn 2 Live team, please contact Tracy Porter on 01872 327271.




Theatre in Education used to convey road safety to pupils in Cornwall

November 26th, 2013 by
Impactful presentation given to Year 8 pupils throughout Cornwall

Year 8 students in Cornwall had their ideas about car safety challenged when they were visited by a theatre company last week.

 Presented by Cornwall Council road safety, ‘Critical Moments’ is actually a production developed and delivered by Collingwood Learning. Written for Year 8 students it aims to challenge perceptions and preconceptions and empower students to take actions to avoid being involved in a collision.

The moment of impact during the theatre in education performance

 Schools were offered the production as part of an ongoing program of road safety activities within areas that have been identified as having a higher than average casualty risk.

 Tracy Porter, Road Safety Officer, says “Through using theatre in education such as this performance by Collingwood Learning, we are striving to reduce the number of young people who are killed or injured as car passengers in Cornwall.”

 Tracy continues “Theatre in education is an excellent way of making young people realise the responsibility of keeping themselves and others safe. We hope that this performance will help them to remember the importance of this every time they get into a car.”

Using live drama enables the audience to relate to characters and situations that they recognise from their own lives and by understanding how and why people do what they do the performance can challenge attitudes and behaviours. 

 For further information please contact Tracy porter, Road Safety Officer on 01872 327271




What will your drink cost?

November 26th, 2013 by



 Safer Cornwall continues with it’s ‘What will your drink cost?’ campaign over Christmas

Safer Cornwall is continuing with its multi-agency campaign to tackle head on the issues surrounding alcohol related violence and anti social behaviour this Christmas.



‘What will your drink cost?’ aims to raise awareness of the true potential cost of drinking too much alcohol.  A series of events will emphasise this message over  the festive season throughout Cornwall, but in particular in the priority areas of Truro, Redruth, Camborne, Bodmin, St Austell, Penzance, Liskeard, Falmouth and Newquay. 

The campaign will target educational and preventive messages to 13 – 25 year olds, parents, drivers and pedestrians around specific key messages, including the illegal or inappropriate supply of alcohol to young people by their parents or other adults.

Specialist multi-agency teams from organisations that make up Safer Cornwall including Devon and Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council services such as Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, The Licensing and Anti-social Behaviour Teams, will all target resources across Cornwall in support of the campaign.

David Parker, Community Safety Officer with Cornwall Council says “The campaign will again focus on young people and will once again be using Facebook, an initiative which has already been  successfully trialed, to catch young people’s attention, offering online advice on how to have a safe night out.  We all want to have a good time over Christmas, our message, is that you can do this without getting drunk!

A frightening statistic is that half of all pedestrians killed in road accidents over the last seven years had been drinking.”

If you think you, or someone you know, need help with reducing their alcohol consumption, some great advice is available on the  Change4Life: website

If you need more local help, then advice is available from:


  • Truro –         01872 263001
  • Penzance –  01736 365467
  • Liskeard –     01579 340616
  • YZUP (Wise up) for young people – 0800 1693787 (freephone)
  • Contact us!

The Safer Cornwall Partnership wants you to have an enjoyable Christmas  in Cornwall, and this may include having a couple of drinks with friends.  But please drink sensibly within the recommended limits, and never drink and drive.

Enjoy Cornwall! – drink sensibly this Christmas!



Action To Tackle Bodmin ‘Boy’ Racers

November 25th, 2013 by

There have been ongoing complaints about the anti social use of cars by ‘Boy’ racers in and around the Town. This has included inappropriate driving – speeding, handbrake turns etc. – and damage to road and car park surfaces.

Driving in this manner not only causes alarm, distress and annoyance in the community but is a danger to members of the public and the drivers involved.

The Safer Bodmin Action Group agreed positive action should be taken against those responsible. Bodmin Police officers carried out an overt and covert operation to identify those responsible. The police have the power to issue warning notices under the Police Reform Act 2002 to the driver of any vehicle being driven in an anti social manner. The notice – known as a Section 59 Notice – is recorded on police systems as a marker against the driver and the vehicle. If the same driver/and or vehicle is seen driving/being driven in an anti social manner after a notice has been issued the vehicle can been seized by police and a charge is made for its release. If vehicles seized under this power are not claimed and the release fee paid within 7 days they are disposed of – normally by being crushed.

crushed cars

During the police operation in Bodmin a vehicle – subject of a Section 59 Notice – was seen performing ‘doughnuts’ in Priory Car Park. The driver was also subject to a Notice and the police used their powers to seize the vehicle and impound it. The driver had to pay a release fee of £150 to recover the vehicle.

Bodmin Police, with the support of Safer Bodmin partners, will continue to target drivers who use their vehicles anti socially or whose driving is below expected standards and will act on concerns raised by the community.




Over 16’s Safety Event – Sound Night Club Penzance with Tinchy Stryder on Friday 6th December 2013

November 18th, 2013 by

The Community Safety Strategic Assessment and Alcohol Needs Assessment have identified the need to educate and warn young people regarding sensible drinking and to understand the long term harm of over consumption. In Cornwall, alcohol is endemic and corrosive, particularly for young people. 23% of the Cornish population is estimated to drink at a level that puts their health at risk, and hospital admissions for alcohol-specific conditions for under 18s in Cornwall are significantly worse than the national average (Amethyst:).  The TellUs survey showed that Cornish young people (10-15 years old) were significantly more likely than their peers in the rest of England to have had an alcoholic drink (56% compared with 46%) This research backs up our own experience during our work. Two themes are particularly prominent – children and young people at risk of neglect or harm due to their family’s alcohol misuse, and young people ‘normalising’ heavy drinking from a young age because of their early experiences.

Last January Safer Cornwall organised a Young Lifeskills event which was held for over 500 under 16s at Sound Night Club Penzance (this years Best Bar None winner).

This was the first event of its type nationally and received recognition by Baroness Newlove as an excellent engagement project and was circulated by the HO as good practice.

Based on this model and the overwhelming success of the last event, a repetition for over 16’s and focussed primarily at College students will be held at Sound Night Club Penzance with numerous professionals attending to offer advice, guidance and support.

This event which is being held on Friday 6th December and is again a first for over 16’s in the UK, is expected to attract between  800-1000  over 16’s and provides an excellent opportunity to engage with young people in an informal and relaxed setting.

Fun games and competitions have been organised with prizes, and to add to this Tinchy Stryder will be doing a DJ set for attendees.

Like the event in January, this event is part funded by Alcohol Prospectus Funding (DCLG) and is to promote awareness of alcohol and its effects on young people.

Professionals from Cornwall Council Community Safety Team (Community Safety Officer,  Anti Social Behaviour Team, Road Safety) Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service, Health Promotions, Addaction, Twelves Company (Domestic and sexual Violence), Devon & Cornwall Police, Cornwall Council Youth Service, Cornwall Foundation Trust Early Intervention Team and possibly Trading Standards will be in attendance to engage with and offer support and information on all these subject matters.

In addition and as part of the “What will Your Drink Cost Campaign”  this is an opportunity within a licensed premise to promote sensible drinking, and to identify the risks and hazards of over consumption with young people.

Steve Rowell, Community Safety Officer  for Cornwall Council said

“Safer Cornwall and its statutory partners are delighted to be working together with Sound Night Club Management on this event, which provides a relaxed and safe setting for imparting information to young people at risk. I am also pleased that we are leading the way nationally in finding innovative methods of engagement with young people and having worked with Sound management previously, I know that they, as Best Bar None Winners 2013, will provide the required standards to maintain safety for young people, and working collaboratively, we will reduce the long term harm caused by alcohol for young people”.

Information and tickets available via Sound nightclub Penzance!/soundclubpenzance?fref=ts




Safer Cornwall key messages up to Christmas

November 14th, 2013 by

Safer Cornwall has this morning decided its key messages in the run up to Christmas.


Many agencies, organisations and individuals are part of Safer Cornwall. In its broadest sense – if you are in Cornwall – it includes you! So we are asking everyone to become involved in making Cornwall a safer place to live work and visit, by helping to publicise these messages.


1) Our What will your drink cost? campaign will focus this year in particular, on the dangers and consequences of drink driving and the enforcement of alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

2) Publicising Domestic Violence awareness week, which commences on the 25th November.

3) Asking you to complete our draft Partnership Plan. This will be available on our website from next Monday, with an online survey for people to express their views.

Remember – have a great Christmas, but;





Events planned for National Domestic Violence Awareness Week

November 12th, 2013 by

Domestic Violence Awareness Week is from 25 to 29 November 2013


 Last year in Cornwall, there were 7,471 incidents of domestic abuse and 539 sexual offences reported to the Police; for domestic abuse, this is 26% higher than the most similar Police force area and 19% for sexual offences.

 Domestic abuse and sexual violence continues to present the highest overall risk to Cornwall communities and affects some of the most vulnerable people. It has a devastating impact on the lives of victims and their families.  

 In the run up to and as part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Week which runs from 25 to 29 November, Safer Cornwall is taking part in and promoting a series of events to raise awareness of the issues and to highlight the support available to men, women and children subjected to domestic abuse and sexual violence (DASV).

 Events include:-

  • 22 November: launch of the Peninsula Domestic Violence Awareness campaign ‘Is This Safe?’ focussing on the cyberstalking and it’s links to domestic abuse
  • 22 November: CLEAR and Play It Again’s production of ‘Hanging On’ at The Lane Theatre, Newquay. Starting at 7pm, tickets are available in advance at £3 from with all proceeds going to CLEAR to provide therapy fro children aged 0 to 18 years that have been impacted by domestic abuse or sexual violence
  • 25 November: West Cornwall Women’s Aid holds an event 11am to 3pm at St Johns Hall, Penzance     displaying some of the work of the support groups including an animated film produced by survivors
  • 26 & 27 November: specialist DASV services and survivors groups will be providing information, leaflets and advice at the Main Reception in Treliske Hospital
  • Throughout the week the Voice, Cornwall’s male domestic abuse survivors group will be providing advice on-air, supported by a number of local radio stations.

“The prevalence of these issues can be a shock and some people’s responses have been raised eyebrows, finding the numbers difficult to comprehend. However, the numbers are the stark reality of what is happening within our communities. What is more concerning is the number of victims and their families who don’t report to the Police; we can only estimate the real scale of the problem,” says Michelle Davies, DASV Strategy Manager for Safer Cornwall. “It is vital that we don’t get lost in numbers but remember that each one is a person; a mum, dad, brother, sister or child that is living with fear and harm on a daily basis. It is unacceptable to conclude that we, as services and as human-beings, cannot do anything to reduce the numbers and ensure that every single person that comes forward saying ‘that’s me’ has access to the necessary support to make difficult life-long changes. The truth is we can make a difference and we will.”

The most common barriers to understanding the extent of the problem are firstly, the vast majority of incidences go unreported to the Police, a common ‘gateway’ to support services and secondly, people do not always identify what they are subjected to as either domestic abuse or sexual violence.

Cornwall Council Cabinet member for homes and communities Geoff Brown said: “This is a key concern for the Safer Cornwall partnership who are working with a number of agencies to support victims and their families. I would urge anyone who is subject to, or becomes aware of, such violence to report it as early intervention can often prevent a tragedy later.”


*NOW* Scammers at work in Redruth

November 7th, 2013 by

Scammers are at work in Cornwall. TODAY in Redruth, a man has been a victim of this identity/theft crime. First they steal some of your personal details, then they order a mobile phone in your name delivering it to your address – then they phone you pretending to be the new phone company saying they have made a ‘delivery error’, and they wish to collect the phone. If they are successful, then they get the phone and you get the bill.
Please check you computer security, and be careful with all of your personal details. If you are scammed like this please call the Police. if in doubt do not answer the door, and always ask for ID.

Safer Cornwall are a working partnership involving: