Cornwall Road Safety invited to speak at Capita National Conference

February 25th, 2014 by

Cornwall’s Road Safety team was invited to share their experiences regarding partnership working within road safety, with a specific focus on young driver interventions.

Paula Wellings attended the Capita Road Safety Conference in London on Tuesday 28th January, delivering a joint presentation with colleagues from Devon County Council Safer Roads and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. The presentation focused on sharing expertise surrounding establishing effective partnerships in road safety practice. Paula also took part in an experts’ panel stimulating discussion regarding speed reduction initiatives and older road users.

The conference provided a good platform to promote the vital work Cornwall undertake with regards to Road Safety, as well as Cornwall being recognised as an example of effective partnership working across Road Safety teams in a national arena.


Glow Cornwall Community Event at Camborne Community Centre

February 17th, 2014 by

Glow Cornwall

Cornwall glow


Is a scheme between Cornwall Council and British Gas. We have funding available to spend on installing energy efficiency measures within Cornish homes to make them more affordable and warmer.

We are hosting an event in Camborne Community Centre on the 17th Feb 6 pm to 9 pm, where we can give you info about what the scheme can offer and hopefully help those in the Camborne community receive funding for Energy Efficient measures in their homes!


PCC’s quarterly report

February 13th, 2014 by

PCC Tony Hogg







Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner releases quarterly report




Safer Cornwall e-safety communication

February 13th, 2014 by

E-safety is important to everything we do online from social media and shopping to banking and working.  But it’s not just about home computers; it includes smart phones, laptops and tablets too.   

The virtual world has opened up millions of opportunities for everyone to work, learn and be creative but we need to remember that it has also brought challenges for us as individuals, our family and friends and our communities.  We all need to understand this and know how we can stay safe online.

 Online safety

We all like to think that we know how to protect ourselves online but how easy are we making it for ourselves to become a target of fraud, identity theft, bullying or worse?  To see how safe you are online ask yourselves these questions:


·         Do you use the same password for all of your online accounts such as banking, shopping, and social media?

·         How unique are your passwords are they simply your date of birth, mothers maiden name or the name of your nearest and dearest?

·         How much information about yourself do you share online?

·         Who has control over what photos, images or stories about you are being added to social media?

·         Who has access to this information? You, your friends or everyone?

 This is what e-safety is all about, recognising the risks and knowing what we can do about it. 

 Safer Internet Day

Ensuring that all of our communities are protected is really important to us and so we are supporting Safer Internet Day and raising awareness about e-safety and what it means.   We want to make sure that we are doing all we can to help to protect individuals, families and communities to stay safe online.  Safer Internet Day aims to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people.

E-safety hints and tips are available through Cyber Streetwise where you can find all of the information you need to stay safer online. 

 Cyber Streetwise

 Cyber Streetwise is part of the governments national cyber security programme aiming to change the way people view online safety.  The interactive website provides advice such as installing antivirus software, strong passwords, online shopping and social privacy settings to help people enjoy a safer experience online.  

The most recent National Cyber Security Consumer Tracker highlighted that consumers are not taking precautions to protect themselves online.  Only 44% of consumers said they always install internet security software on new equipment, and 37% download updates and patches for personal computers.  32% of consumers who admit to not installing security software on internet devices blame a lack of understanding, while 18% say they did not realise the risk.



Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service’s Phoenix Project is honoured at top awards ceremony

February 13th, 2014 by

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service’s Phoenix Project has been awarded the Learning and Performance Institute’s Silver Award in the category of Learning Team of the Year 2014.

Phoenix Phoenix








The Phoenix Project is a pioneering community initiative which works to raise the aspirations and self confidence of specific groups of people and help them to fulfil their potential.  Run by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service since 2002, the Phoenix Project sees local firefighters give those groups a taste of firefighting and its traditions through hose running, wearing breathing apparatus and marching, as well as experience in problem solving, teamwork, life skills and fire safety. All those who take part in the course are given the opportunity to gain an ASDAN qualification.

The Learning Awards, organised by The Learning and Performance Institute is the acknowledged benchmark for excellence throughout the learning industry. They have been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the learning and development industry and reflect high standards, best practice, innovation and excellence.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for homes and communities Geoff Brown says:  “The Phoenix Project is a brilliant example of how a respected organisation like Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service can work with others to improve opportunities for people, raise aspirations, improve teamwork and communication skills and contribute to a positive result for the participants and the wider community.”

CFRS Chief Fire Officer Des Tidbury said:  “I am delighted for the team who work so hard to deliver up to 40 courses a year.  As a fire and rescue service, we are able to use our reputation and position of authority and respect within the community to hone young people’s team work, communication and leadership skills.”

The success of the Phoenix Project has led to a number of ‘spin off’ courses run in partnership with a range of organisations including Job Centre Plus, the Probation Service and Cornwall Council’s Children, Schools and Families department which means that the Phoenix team can offer tailored courses for jobseekers and single parents. Courses are also run in partnership with the Probation Service to help set ex-offenders on the right path.

Mark Philpott from the Phoenix Project said: “I understand that there were 180 nominations in our category so the Phoenix team is very excited to be recognised in this way.  We are committed to developing skills and the enthusiasm and commitment we see in those who have taken part in the courses is heartening to see.”



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A welcome message from Director General Keith Bristow QPM

Welcome to the first edition of NCA News, the National Crime Agency newsletter which aims to keep our partners and stakeholders informed about the work the NCA carries out to lead the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime.

NCA Newsletter January 2014
SNCA Newsletter January 2014 Serious_and_Organised_Crime_Strategy1
NCA Annual Plan 202013-14 NCA News – Issue 1 published November 2013
NCA News December 2013



Crime and policing news update January 2014

February 3rd, 2014 by

The latest crime and policing news update can be found here:

Or for specific subjects here:


The dangers of ‘Neknominate’

February 3rd, 2014 by

Don't Pass It On

Printable advice handout for how to avoid the risks of this game:


The online drinking game sees people being filmed drinking alcoholic drinks, mostly spirits, often mixed with other liquids including eggs, urine and dishwater. A young man from Liskeard drank a pint of vodka and a pint of mouthwash before eating a raw egg and snorting a line of protein shake powder.

This is just one example of videos being posted by young men and women from across Cornwall.

In the past few days two young men from Ireland have died after reportedly taking up the challenge.

Health experts are now urging people to consider the risks associated with drinking such large quantities of alcohol.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, medical adviser to alcohol education charity Drinkaware, said: “Young people often say they feel peer pressure to drink to fit in, but competitions to drink excessively in a short space of time can be dangerous and this should not come as a surprise.

“Quite apart from the risk of accident or injury as a result of drinking to excess, there is another aspect to these online drinking games which is the ‘cyber shame’ some young people may experience. Drinkaware research shows nearly half (47 per cent) of 18-24 year olds admitted ‘un-tagging’ drunk photos of themselves on Facebook that they didn’t want others to see.”

Devon and Cornwall Police spokesman Bill Pascoe added: “Getting involved in such irresponsible activity not only poses obvious health risks but increases the possibility of anti-social behaviour and other criminal behaviour which, ultimately, can have a devastating effect on a young person’s life which they may later regret.”

Yesterday a video posted by a man originally from Liskeard saying “thanks but no thanks” to his nomination went viral.

In just over 24 hours the video, posted by Ashley Abernethie, who now lives in Plymouth, received just under 45,000 likes.

He said: “Cheers for the nomination. To be honest, I’ve seen it all now on the internet.”

He added: “I am not one for not getting involved, but it’s now getting a bit out of hand and for me to be able to do anything that’s going to create lots of likes, I’ll have to do something that’s probably going to hurt me.”

Instead, he drinks his coffee and says he is going to work instead.

Safer Cornwall are a working partnership involving: