Safer Penzance – Full of Life Environmental Day

June 26th, 2014 by

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On Thursday 26th June, volunteers from Penwith 50+ Forum and Safer Penzance undertook an environmental cleaning day at Penzance focusing on the Promenade, Morrab Road, Daniel Place, St Anthony’s Gardens, Morrab Gardens and Penlee Park areas.

Several bags of rubbish were collected over the two hour period.
Steve Rowell, Community Safety Officer and organiser said “This initiative formed part of the Full of Life fortnight held in Penzance. All the volunteers were over 50 years of age and wanted to conduct a positive activity in Penzance to demonstrate that older people do play a positive contribution to society and communities”

Anyone who wishes to participate in future clean up days in Penzance should contact Steve Rowell Tel:01736 336587.


Crime and Policing news update June 2014

June 26th, 2014 by

Published 26 June 2014

The Modern Slavery Bill, introduced this month to parliament, is the first of its kind in Europe, and is a historic opportunity to get new legislation on the statute books to tackle this appalling crime. Modern slavery destroys lives and damages communities; it is a hidden crime that is hard to detect. You can read more in this month’s update on how the Modern Slavery Bill will strengthen legislation, bringing more slave drivers to justice and help protect more victims.

The Serious Crime Bill was also introduced to parliament this month. The Bill builds on the current criminal and civil law to ensure that the National Crime Agency and other law enforcement agencies can continue effectively and relentlessly to pursue, disrupt and bring to justice serious and organised criminals. This update contains the latest news on the progress of the Bill.

Forcing someone to marry against their became illegal on the 16 June. The new legislation is designed to help people in England and Wales, but it also applies to UK nationals overseas who are at risk of becoming the victim of a forced marriage. More information on this is available on GOV.UK.

Mary Calam – Director General, Crime and Policing Group



Public Health Licensing Objective

June 25th, 2014 by

Despite the Government’s failure to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol, they have now announced a Bill to create a Public Health Licensing Objective.

BottlesAs it stands, the Bill contains no detail of what is proposed, but this may ultimately assist Public Health in its role as a Licensing Responsible Authority.

This responsibility enables Public Health (now a Local Authority team) to comment on Licensing Applications and Reviews, in a case specific way.

At present, the only health data that is relevant is the A&E/ARID data, and information provided by the Ambulance service. This Bill may begin to change that, and may focus more on health related cumulative impact. It may allow areas to assess the density of alcohol retail outlets in any locality, related to the alcohol related hospital admissions for that area.


Safer Cornwall Senior Lifeskills “Full of Life”

June 24th, 2014 by

Safer Cornwall, Penwith 50+ Forum & Cornwall Council held “Penzance Senior Lifeskills Exhibition” in the Zennor Building at Truro and Penwith College, Penzance on Friday 20th June 2014 as part of the “Full of Life” Initiative.
The exhibition, which was free of charge, opened it’s doors at 10am till 1.30pm to provide information, advice and support to all those aged 50+


The themes for the day were getting and staying active in later life, personal safety and wellbeing and to raise awareness of the benefits that physical, social and mental activity brings.
There were 33 different organisations in attendance with demonstrations, information, guidance and support being available from a number of professionals. There are few events of this nature in Cornwall where so many different services are brought together under one roof, and presents an ideal opportunity for members of the public to come and discuss issues, concerns or seek support, about matters that affect them locally.

Exhibitors included: Cornwall Council’s Community Safety Team, Fire, Road Safety, Trading Standards, Library Services & Adult Safeguarding with other exhibitors from Health, Wiltshire Farm Foods, Breathe Easy, Hearing Loss Cornwall, Cornwall Mobility, Tremorvah Industries, 50+ Forum, Age UK, Victim Support, Penwith Memory Café, Penzance Rotary Club, Penzance Lions, Cornwall Rural Community Council, Alzheimers Society, NHS Kernow, Twelves Co, RCHT, Kernow Credit Union and Cornwall Foundation Trust.

Steve Rowell Community Safety Officer for the Council and joint organiser of the exhibition said “Helping people to stay active as they get older provides many specific benefits, for example it helps maintain independence, is a good way of maintaining and increasing social networks, gets you out and about in the local community, and increases energy levels and zest for life”
“The population for Penwith is about 64,300 of which 46% are aged over 50years of age (29,800) and this figure is set to rise over the forthcoming years. We are aware that this group can be hard to reach and that there are many individuals that live alone, sometimes in isolated locations. This can make it a challenge to provide services to such people and ensure their safety and welfare. By bringing all these services together at the College, it makes it easier and worthwhile for older people to come and see us.

Penzance Senior Lifeskills Exhibition has been held annually since 2002 with in excess of 9,000 people aged 50yrs having attended previous events.

The Audit Commission recognised this event as Best Practice and promoted similar events of this type throughout the country in its publication “Don’t stop me now- Preparing for an aging population – 2008”.
Cornwall Council and it’s partners wish to continue to build on the previous successes of this event and similar events held across the county.


Phoenix Cornwall launches website

June 24th, 2014 by

A Different Approach

Phoenix aims to Inspire, Motivate, Achieve

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Pheonix is about making a difference. The team works closely with participants to improve communication skills, promote team working skills, raise aspirations and self esteem.

This is achieved by using the skills, discipline, equipment and activities of the Fire & Rescue Service.

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SMART training

June 24th, 2014 by

During the last year or more, staff in Cornwall’s Pubs, Bars and Clubs have been invited to a free 2 hour best practise training session, aimed at responsible alcohol retail.

3886383-bottle-and-drops-of-a-condensate-on-a-black-backgroundSo far, the Substance Misuse and Alcohol retail Training Scheme (SMART) has trained 573 staff, in 22 towns, from more than 133 premises.

In addition, some staff attended an additional SMART related training session based on improving confidence (at a Landlord’s request), and sessions have acted as opportunities to meet enforcement staff outside of premises specific incidents and processes. Other sessions have also been held in local schools.

The trainer also has access to a ‘Drugs Box’, in order to educate bar staff about signs of drug use in their premises.

The SMART scheme also has a thorough Manual, which is also being used by CC Licensing Teams in regular visits to premises, as well as promoting the SMART Training.


Treliske Alcohol Multi-Disciplinary Team

June 22nd, 2014 by

Work is in progress to bring together various departments and agencies working in Treliske hospital to identify the most frequent alcohol related attenders. These teams include the A&E (ED), Hepititis Treatment, Gastrointerology, Psychiatric Liaison and Mental and Behavioural interventions, the Medical Admissions Unit, and outside agencies such as Police, Social Care, SWAST/Ambulance, and Addaction – the community drug and alcohol treatment team.

_58831977_larger_composite624Amethyst (Community Safety Intelligence) will analyse the hospital admission trends each month to identify which patients have presented at ED, or been admitted to a ward, or have spent the most bed-days in hospital, in the last rolling 2 monthly period.

This will be covered by an agreed data sharing protocol, and will then allow agencies to work together to agree joint care plans, so that patients are proactively addressed over a period of time, rather than repeatedly commencing reactive interventions.

Hopefully all the agencies necessary have now been identified and invited, and data will soon be generated in order to begin to identify people in need of help, and create the agreed care plans.


Alcohol Related Injuries Database (ARID)

June 21st, 2014 by

The Alcohol Related Injuries Database, which is being expanded to cover all alcohol related injuries and accidents as well as assaults, is monitored and gathered in Treliske A&E (ED).

AE-department-001This allows our Community Safety Amethyst Team to map all incidents, passing this information to Licensing and Community Safety agencies, who then visit any identified premises in order to help them to establish best practise in managing their businesses. This is held alongside the Best Bar None accreditation standards, which are seen as the best methods of ensuring safely run premises within their communities.

Amethyst also assist regionally in collating and reporting on similar systems in 4 of the 5 EDs in the Devon and Cornwall PCC area, which contributes to the Peninsula Strategic Assessment.

There are plans to increase the coverage of this process by extending it into 5 local Minor Injury Units in Cornwall. A similar bid is in place to extend to 4 MIUs in Devon. This will help Licensing teams to target outlying areas, making people more safe in local Pubs and clubs, as well as highlighting other forms of violence, such as domestic abuse.


Alcohol early intervention training

June 20th, 2014 by

Using diverted Government funding, we have started running a swift Alcohol IBA early identification training scheme, ‘Identification and Brief Advice.’ Sessions will be running throughout June and July, using 2 experienced trainers.


Agencies have been targeted using detailed analysis of alcohol correlated health conditions and social factors, and specifically targeting areas that were under-represented in the last phase of this training, which ended last year.

Front line staff addressing such issues as debt, mental health, housing and homelessness, family interventions, Domestic Abuse and Anti-Social Behaviour, are being trained to use World Health Organisation accredited assessment tools. This gives them confidence in identifying the risk level of someone’s drinking, and then carrying out appropriate interventions or referrals.

So far 44 sessions have been planned, with more than 50 anticipated in this burst of training, with plans in place to make the training sustainable after this funding has ended. Agencies will then be given advice and support about delivery and impact monitoring.

Hopefully this will contribute to agencies identifying alcohol issues before they become embedded complex health issues, and ultimately reducing Cornwall’s rate of alcohol related hospital admissions, which is now a local authority Public Health Outcomes Framework indicator. If these problems are addressed too late, they can also cause harm to other members of the families and households involved.


LGBT information day

June 16th, 2014 by

On Saturday 14th June, partner agencies including Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, Addaction, D&C Police, and LGBT support groups, were in the Piazza in Truro offering advice to the public on Fire safety, Alcohol consumption and Hate crime. The event was aimed at offering people in LGBT minority groups a variety of safety advice,  in the end it turned out to be a great day offering advice to anyone many hundreds of members of the public, in the lovely sunshine!

LGBT day

Safer Cornwall are a working partnership involving: