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August 29th, 2014 by

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Free child car seat checks offered by Road Safety

August 22nd, 2014 by

Road deaths make up the biggest proportion of child deaths in the UK, in-car safety and the safe restraining of children in vehicles is vital to saving lives during collisions. National research shows that over 50% of child car seats are incorrectly fitted, or unsuitable, for the vehicle they are installed in.

Members of staff from Road Safety and Fire Prevention attended a nationally accredited training course, in the correct fitting of child car seats, provided by Child Seat Safety Ltd.

Following this training a number of events were organised throughout August to offer free child car seat checks to members of the public. Each check involves providing advice and guidance regarding whether the appropriate child restraint is being used, as well as whether it is correctly fitted in the vehicle, parents or carers are also provided with information about the various checks which will allow them to check the child seat remains correctly fitted as the child grows, e.g. the correct height of the harness/seatbelt as the child gets taller.

The events provided parents with much needed advice and guidance, in addition to this, the practical car seat checks which were carried out ensure that the child restraints are correctly fitted, therefore improving the safety of the child should they be involved in a collision.


Safer Camborne in renewed fight to eliminate crime and anti-social behaviour

August 22nd, 2014 by

A COMMUNITY safety officer has challenged some Camborne resident’s perceptions of the town,  to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. Sarah Necke, who spearheads the Safer Camborne initiative, believes that people around the town are working hard to make it a safer place to live.

Safer Camborne was set up in November 2011 and is one of eight safer towns who form part of Safer Cornwall, which aims to improve community safety and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in town centres.


Mrs Necke said: “A lot of work has been done to clean up the town centre and we hear some people complaining about people hanging around in the square, but I think that a lot of these complaints are to do with some people’s perceptions.

 “The people in the square aren’t necessarily causing trouble and their behaviour can’t be addressed unless it is breaking the law, so I think a lot of the complaints about these individuals are related to perception rather than what they are actually doing.”

Members of Safer Camborne include Cornwall Council elected members, town councillors, Chamber of Commerce, the town’s BID, emergency services, housing agencies, youth services, environmental health and members of the public and private and voluntary sectors.

All the agencies and organisations involved are according to Mrs Necke, “pulling in the right direction” on an agreed action plan.

The group stages regular walkabouts to identify issues in the town and they are then able to co-ordinate the relevant action to deal with the problem.

Safer Camborne is also responsible for litter picks, graffiti cleans and the painting of shop fronts.

Mrs Necke believes that one of the initiative’s greatest successes is the controlled sale of bottles of 3litre strong cider, a measure that has curbed anti-social behaviour around the town.

“We meet regularly with Camborne police and decided some time ago to approach supermarkets and off licenses and get them to not sell the cider on the shelves.

“People can still buy the cider, but not having it on the shelves allows shop workers to easily assess who they shouldn’t sell it to.

“It has also reduced shop lifting and intimidation of staff and the majority of Camborne’s supermarket and off licenses are involved including Tesco, Aldi and Iceland.”

In a pilot project Safer Camborne receives a report of all complaints logged and is able to launch action from there.

“We aim to nip most problems in the bud before they escalate and are always looking to improve communications with our member organisations.

“We are not saying that the town has no problems, as there is always going to be deprivation in area which was amongst the richest in the country a century ago, before the collapse of mining industry and the closure of key local employers.

“However, we do have a town that is vibrant, friendly and has people pulling in the right direction to make it a better place.”




Retail Loss Prevention Day

August 21st, 2014 by

On September 11th from 0930 -1230 Devon and Cornwall Police will be hosting a Retail Loss Prevention Day at Kingsley Village.

The aim is to provide retailers with the extra knowledge they need to help minimise losses from shoplifting. It is free for retailers to attend.

Presentations will be made by Devon and Cornwall Police Crime Prevention and Youth Teams, A National Retailer, plus Smartwater a supplier of crime prevention technology.

Retail loss prevention day

To book your place: Call Sgt Fox on 101 or



Safer Redruth and Healthy Redruth Event

August 20th, 2014 by

As part of Safer Cornwall’s multi-agency campaign ‘What Will Your Drink Cost’ tackling issues surrounding alcohol related violence and anti-social behaviour, Safer Redruth and Healthy Redruth teamed up to open the Old Boots Store in Fore Street Redruth on 20th August to provide advice on alcohol and healthy living.

Addaction were also on hand providing advice and guidance and the Health Promotions Service provided free Health Checks to the 40+ age group.

Officers from Police, town and Cornwall Councillors and Cornwall Council’s Community Safety Team also undertook a walkabout around the town centre speaking with businesses and members of the public, delivering community bulletins and noting any issues to address.

Sarah Necke

Community Safety Officer


Scamp sniffing out illegal tobacco!

August 20th, 2014 by

We are now nearing the end of the Smoke-free South West Illegal Tobacco Community Engagement campaign.  You may have spotted ad vans out in the Newquay/Camborne areas, seen a bus stop poster, or even visited our promotional stand at the Wharfside Shopping Centre in Penzance on Saturday the 2nd August, where we were joined by the amazing Tobacco Detection working dogs, Phoebe and Scamp..


If you were unlucky enough to be laid up in hospital we also recorded an article for Hospital Radio along with the Stop Smoking service.  This is a reminder to our partners that where they come across any evidence of sale , supply or possession in quantity (more than personal use) in the course of their work, or otherwise, of any tobacco outside of normal retail sale, please let trading Standards know, you can email or telephone any information through to Liz kirk using or 01872 327950


Doorstep Fraud incidents reach unprecedented levels

August 20th, 2014 by

Cornwall’s Trading Standards and Police have experienced a previously unknown level of doorstep crime reporting this summer.

Also known as ‘rogue trader’ incidents, doorstep crime involves the financial abuse and defrauding of vulnerable residents by con men demanding inflated prices for house repairs, gardening works or driveway repairs that are usually not necessary, not requested and not of a good quality of workmanship. The victims are often repeatedly victimised, especially where they are known to keep cash in their home or where they have been persuaded to be taken to their bank to withdraw cash.

trading standards van

Joint operations between Trading Standards and the Police have seen a number of offenders arrested in the last two months, several public warnings issued through BBC Radio Cornwall and a number of different tactics employed to prevent further offending.

(photo attached shows ‘con men beware’ notices being used to alert potential offenders that Trading Standards and Police are undertaking operations in that area to protect residents from doorstep fraud.)


Safer Camborne walkabout

August 19th, 2014 by

A multi-agency walkabout was carried out in Camborne on 19th August delivering community bulletins to businesses and members of the public in the town, collecting any issues of concern to focus on, and the walkabout was covered by the local newspaper The West Briton.



A night out? A relaxing drink? How do you decide where to go … ?

August 18th, 2014 by

The Cornwall Best Bar None accredited list …best-bar-none-strapline

Cornwall is now heaving with visitors happily enjoying a superb Summer.

So how do you know which places have a track record of being well run, safe places to have a night out, or just to have a relaxing time with friends?


Best Bar None is an awards scheme that evaluates all aspects of how Licensed premises are run, and accredits all entrants that meet with a set of best practice criteria.

So, if you are a visitor, or if have friends here now or due here soon, why not pass on this list of the Cornwall Best Bar None accredited venues to help them plan an enjoyable night out or a quiet drink:


New PASS ID card is preferred proof of age for Devon and Cornwall Police

August 14th, 2014 by

A new proof of age standards scheme card (PASS) has been launched across England and Wales to provide a single, formal proof of age for young people. The scheme is the preferred proof of age identification of Devon and Cornwall Police. A new standardized 18+ design has been adopted in England and Wales to combat the confusion created by multiple card designs amongst retailers.

Pass card

Use of the PASS card gives retailers and their staff the confidence of knowing that the card is a trusted and is a secure form of identification. Possession of a PASS accredited card demonstrates your age and personal details have been verified by your card issuer and you are who you say you are. Devon and Cornwall Police said, “The new card will not only help ensure those aged under 18 are unable to access age-restricted products but it will also mean that those who are legally entitled to may do so on production of a valid PASS card. “The PASS scheme works for both retailers and young people. For retailers it is a reliable form of photo ID that all retailers can have confidence in accepting under their age verification policies. The colour photograph is better quality than on driving licences making it easier to identify the card holder. “For young people it negates them having to carry driving licences or passports which can be lost or stolen. PASS cards also only cost £15 whereas a driving licence will cost £50 and a passport £72.50.” Over 50% of passports reported lost in the UK are reported lost at night, by people aged 18 to 25. Carrying the new PASS ID card will mean that valuable documents, such as passports and driving licences, are less likely to be lost and young people less likely to be victims of potential fraud that can result. Every card that carries a PASS hologram will have been issued by a provider who has been through a stringent application and accreditation process. The scheme is supported by the Home Office and backed by Trading Standards Institute, Security Industry Authority (SIA), the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and all major relevant Trade Associations. It is hoped that the card will become the standard proof of age document in this region. See here for  further information about the scheme 

Safer Cornwall are a working partnership involving: