Parents, Children, Relatives …… and Alcohol!?

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A time when different generations and age groups within families mix with each other more than at any other time of year.


These reunions can be fantastic ……

…… but they create some tricky issues for parents.


One of the grey areas is that there is likely to be more alcohol visible, available and enjoyed in the home than at any other time of year, and many children will see more bottles and cans than they usually do.

This can be a challenge for parents. For example, your wider family and friends may accidentally create pressure for your children to drink with them, and to drink differently from your well established habits and guidelines.

The Cornwall Health Promotion service have given this sheet of advice for parents getting ready for what should be a great time of year.

Hopefully, this will help parents as they prepare for a great party season …


This Christmas have fun, but stay safe …

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christmas Safer Cornwall highlights  dangers of alcohol in the run up to Christmas

There are dangers of having one too many over Christmas, risking turning what should be a memorable time into one you’d like to forget, or even one you wish hadn’t happened.

We all know that even in small quantities alcohol affects you, usually in an enjoyable way – or we wouldn’ drink it!

But when you are out and about visiting friends or going to events over the Christmas period, remember that even a small amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. If you drink and then get behind the wheel of a car you put yourself at risk, as well as your passengers and others road users. Drink driving costs lives.

Plan ahead …

It’s best to think ahead – plan in advance how you are going to get home without the need to drive. If you know someone is planning to drive, then don’t even offer them an alcoholic drink.

It might be tempting on a cold or wet winters night, but just don’t accept a lift from a driver you know has drunk alcohol; it isn’t worth the risk.

And please remember, if you plan to drive the morning after an evening when you have been drinking, you could still be over the limit.

 On average, after 5 Pints you won’t be below the legal limit for 12 hours.






Alcohol continues to cause accidents, injuries and deaths in Cornwall. It is a contributory factor in many cases of domestic abuse, and if too much of it is drunk, it can cause long term health damage, which in turn places a heavy burden on the National Health Service.

Please take the time to arrange a safe way to get home before they go out for an evening, we are also appealing for people to take care of their friends while on a night out, making sure they get home safely.”


Tony Hogg the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner says:

“So much of the harm caused to our communities is alcohol-related and on a daily basis the Police in Cornwall deal with people who have become a victim of alcohol related crime, or who become offenders as a result of drinking alcohol. We must all do whatever we can to raise people’s awareness of the risks associated with their alcohol consumption and to help keep people safe. If you are drinking this Christmas period, please do so safely and responsibly and think about the impact of your actions on others.”

 So the message this Christmas from Safer Cornwall is to have a great time, enjoy having a few drinks if you want to, but please avoid drinking to excess, never drink and drive, and  – take care.


Happy Christmas!


Crime and policing news update: November 2014

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Published 28 November 2014

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