Prevention, Protection & Road Safety Team support Dementia Awareness Week

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Leigh-Anne Parfitt (front left) and Leanne Shovel with members of the Helston Memory café during a session about fire safety at home and home fire safety checks.

Leigh-Anne Parfitt (front left) and Leanne Shovel with members of the Helston Memory café during a session about fire safety at home and home fire safety checks.

Members of staff from the Prevention, Protection and Road Safety (PPRS) Team visited Helston Memory Cafe during Dementia Awareness Week (17-23 May) to promote the importance of home fire safety to carers of, and people suffering with, memory loss.

The session included information on Home Fire Safety Checks, smoke detectors, the importance of turning off electrical appliances and not overloading sockets, escape plans, carbon monoxide poisoning and keeping internal doors closed at night to stop fire from spreading.

35 people received a home fire safety talk, they also got the oppurtunity to talk individually to members of the PPRS Team to sign up to a free home visit, where a home fire safety check will be carried out in their home by a trained person.


Buy with confidence trading standards scheme

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Do you know a local trades business?

Are any of your family or friends trades people?

trading standards

The national Buy with Confidence scheme helps reputable local businesses stand out from the crowd and supports our efforts to protect our more vulnerable residents.

Primarily aimed at trade businesses, for example plumbers, builders, electricians, window cleaners or gardeners, members are subject to certain background checks and legal compliance to provide the additional reassurances when referring vulnerable clients.

It is the only Trading Standards approved trader scheme in the country.

We’re raising the profile of the scheme in Cornwall, so please tell your family and friends about it.

buy with confidence

To become a member or find out more

Or contact Claire Crago.


New service for young people affected by sexual exploitation

May 19th, 2015 by

The organisation CLEAR have started offering ‘CLEAR and Secure’ to young people affected by sexual exploitation.



CLEAR were successful in gaining  funding from the Ministry of Justice, through the Police Crime Commission Office to scope and set up a service for young people affected by Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).  The scoping task is now complete and CLEAR are beginning to deliver a service to young people, their families, and professionals including schools.  At present there is a limited budget to do this but the service is being commissioned to fund individual pieces of work where young people are at high risk.  CLEAR are very grateful for all the support that other organisations, individual professionals and young people who have contributed.

The design of the service is based on the interviews held through the scoping task and on national findings and guidance.  We are consequently working hard at securing funding to sustain the service over the long term.  The findings of our scoping task and the message from professionals nationally is that work for this group involves long term engagement and flexibility.  CLEAR and Secure have developed a psychologically informed service that is working at a number of levels, including; at a network around the child level, indirect and direct intervention levels.  We will be evaluating the service and contributing to the statutory work being completed within this field where possible through training and awareness raising.  Maxine, Amelia and future team members of CLEAR and Secure hope that they can contribute to a multi-agency response to CSE in Cornwall.

If you would like to get in touch and find out more you can visit our website:

Or send an email to:


Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service support Dementia Awareness

May 14th, 2015 by

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service is supporting Dementia Awareness Week (17-23 May) by  launching a new initiative to help their staff and the public understand dementia and the challenges that people with dementia face.

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The initiative is being launched on the Piazza in Truro on Monday 18 May, from 9.30am to 4.00pm when Fire and Rescue staff will be engaging with the public passing on knowledge they have recently gained, and encouraging people to think differently about dementia.

Dementia can happen to anyone and there’s currently no cure. It can strip you of your memory, your relationships and your connection to the world you love, leaving you feeling isolated and alone.

Fire and Rescue staff have already started working with the Dementia Action Alliance and Dementia Friends in the dementia cafes in Cornwall and this has already improved their knowledge. An ongoing process of Fire and Rescue staff awareness training will continue to further broaden their  knowledge.

Assistant Chief Officer Simon Mould said: “Dementia can affect any of us and describes a range of symptoms including memory loss, mood changes and reasoning.  These can significantly impact on individuals and carers lives and increase the risks they are exposed to.  Initiatives such as this can help improve the quality of life for people living with dementia by helping raise general awareness around the condition.  By working together we can help support the individuals to make small changes which can make a real difference to their independence.  Sometimes it’s the simple things that we can all do that can make a real difference to someone’s quality of life.”

Community Safety Officer David Parker said:”‘This is a great initiative and I encourage people to take a few minutes and make themselves aware of the top ten tips”.

Top Tips cards will be available at the launch.

Ten top ways you can help when you encounter people who may have dementia/memory loss

  • Smile and ask ‘”Can I help you?”’ –  reassurance helps to put people at ease
  • Be patient – give people time. Do things with them, not for them
  • Respond to aggression or anger by retreating, so long as there is no likelihood of harm to themselves or others, allow time to settle down and re-approach later. It is very likely that the occasion will have passed and been forgotten.
  • Be clear – communicate calmly, use gestures and props to help,
  • Keep it quiet – check noise level and reduce it, turn off the radio and TV, which can be both distracting and confusing; so can other people’s conversation
  • Don’t make assumptions about what someone may want or need – be guided by the individual
  • Talk about dementia and remember the carer – you will be helping to reduce the stigma around dementia
  • Distract them, talk about things they enjoyed in the past. Promote THIS IS ME or LIFE STORIES, which are a record of an individual’s personal preferences, achievements and networks for example, allowing an outsider to form an understanding the person behind the dementia.
  • Dementia affects logic and reasoning, so don’t expect a reasonable response to any situation or location
  • Don’t argue – the brain of a person with dementia tells the person they can’t be wrong
  • If there is repetition, treat the statement or question as if it’s the first time you have heard it. To the person, it is the first time they have said it.
  • Always be kind and sensitive, and remember that everyone’s dementia is different.


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Junior Life Skills (JLS) lives on!

May 13th, 2015 by

With the closure of the Flashpoint Centre in Bodmin at the end of March, there was concern from many of the JLS workshop contributors that the project would suffer the same fate.  Indeed, due to time constraints and workload, the workshops scheduled for April in Falmouth unfortunately had to be cancelled.


Since 22nd April, however, following the administrative handover to Trading Standards and confirmation that fire stations in the county could host the planned St Austell and Newquay dates from 8th June, we are pleased to say that support of the events is being well received by many junior schools in that area.  At the moment of writing, nearly 350 Year 5 school children from 11 schools will visit the workshops in the two locations with sessions being provided by Road Safety, D&C Police, Fire Service, Environmental Health, Western Power, Sita and Trading Standards.  The June workshops will include:

  • Internet safety (including social media websites)
  • Dangers of alcohol and tobacco and other age restricted products
  • Hand cleanliness
  • Fire safety and the implications of hoax calls
  • Road safety and the importance of wearing seat belts
  • Recycling
  • Dangers around electrical installations

The overwhelming last minute response from schools and encouragement to support the workshops has shown there is clear evidence for this programme to continue to promote personal and community safety to youngsters throughout the county.  The evidence shows us that those who have attended sessions in the past have learnt a great deal through practical demonstrations, promotional materials and informal discussions with presenters who are experienced in delivering key PSHE messages in an interesting, informative and enjoyable learning environment.

Looking ahead to the next academic year, following the anticipated appointment in June of a JLS Administrator in Trading Standards, invitations will be sent out to all junior schools in the county for events that will start at Launceston and Liskeard in September.  If anyone is interested in providing a workshop at this multi-agency event, please contact Julia Groves on 01872 327966 or by email to

A massive THANK YOU is extended to Ellen, Debbie and the Flashpoint team who did such a fantastic job in running the workshops in previous years and without the mindful saving of school address lists, etc, the last minute invitations for the June dates would have been impossible.  We hope that this facility will continue with the help and support of its contributors to help keep our youngsters safer and healthier for years to come.


Drugs Education and Prevention in Schools

May 7th, 2015 by

YZUP staff have been involved in delivering a pilot programme of drugs education and prevention in  Year group assemblies across the County. these have been power-point led with student interaction and participation.

Sessions are normally a maximum of an hour and 20 minutes long for up to 100 students.Weekly sessions to individual tutor groups within a year group, have also been delivered during allocated PSHE timetabled sessions (sometimes tutor time).

Sessions are normally an hour long session, engaging up to 30 students (dependent on class size).Drop down days – Back to back repeated sessions to a whole year groups or tutor groups at a time. This involves attending a school for a whole day, on average 5 sessions, up to 150 students (dependent on class size).

For more info on drugs see here



Police warn of spate of commercial burglaries

May 6th, 2015 by

Police in Cornwall are targeting offenders following a recent spate of commercial property burglaries.

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Police in Cornwall are reminding property owners to secure their premises after a recent spate of commercial property burglaries across the county.

Removing keys from the premises or making them secure in internal safes or in secure valuable storage is just one way simple precautions can be taken to improve security and prevent you being targeted.  For more advice on protecting your property please visit the Devon and Cornwall Police website

Crime prevention officers are also available to provide further advice about securing your property, to arrange a visit, please call 101 and ask to speak to the crime prevention officer for your area.

Sergeant Jerry Mitchell from Devon and Cornwall police said: “Cornwall is a very low crime and safe area in comparison to many areas in the UK and we are committed to ensuring that all measures are taken to support our community in staying safe.”

To report a crime call 101 or email  In an emergency always call 999.

For further information about Safer Cornwall Partnership contact David Parker on 01726 323232  or at

Safer Cornwall are a working partnership involving: