Project EDWARD: European Day Without A Road Death

August 31st, 2016 by

The first European Day Without a Road Death (EDWARD) will take place on Wednesday 21 September 2016. European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) are asking for everyone to join them in pledging to reduce risk and improve safety on your road journeys. Project EDWARD aims to encourage all road users to reflect on their behaviour and attitude.


edward-campaignOur target is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on Wednesday 21 September. But of course every day should be an EDWARD day, and we believe that by working together we can make a significant contribution towards further sizeable and sustained reductions in road death and serious injury.

Watch the short video that tells you all about what’s happening and how you can get involved:

We have begun a countdown to Project EDWARD, and we have now opened the website pledge page for anyone to sign.

So whether you represent a national government, a private organisation, a public agency, a charity, a school, college or university, or whether you simply care as an individual, we ask you please to join us and make the pledge to support Project EDWARD, and do your bit towards reducing risk and improving safety for everyone who uses our roads.

Add your support right now – sign the pledge!



Joint patrols with police using body worn video devices in Penzance

August 26th, 2016 by

Reports were received via the Safer Cornwall website regarding the homeless causing anti social behaviour in Penzance town by street drinking and begging. Reports were also made in relation to young people drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis while congregating in Morrab Gardens and Penlee Park.

The work was undertaken;

  • To take a proactive approach to concerns raised within the community.
  • To see first-hand and possibly evidence the concerns raised from the public
  • To support and encourage the community to report ASB or crime to the appropriate agency.
  • To gather video imagery to evidence to other agencies of the concerns raised by the community.

 On the 30th July from 14;00 hrs to 19:00 hrs the following action was taken:


Joint agencies patrol to engage with the community local business and members of public in the town and park areas

  • Use of body worn video devices worn by the ASB Team to collate evidence.
  • To handout community safety leaflets to members of the public and local business targeting the areas of street drinking and begging.  Also assisting in the education of appropriate and inappropriate donations to those begging or alternatively more appropriate donations to charitable organisations .

(Interactions on the patrols)

  • Supporting young persons in the park areas giving words of advice.
  • Engaging with street drinkers and homeless in a positive manner and signposting to support services, breaking barriers and boundaries in a non-confrontation environment.
  • Giving general community advised to those enjoying the evening. Highlighting the roll of the ASB Team and the partnership working with the Police and other agencies.
  • Encourage member of the public to use the appropriate emergency contacts 101,, 999 or contacting the council on 03001234232, as there had been very limited calls to the agencies.

No enforcement’s where necessary at this time.


Trading Standards officers advise charity shops over second hand product legislation after 1 in 10 electrical products fail to meet safety standards

August 22nd, 2016 by

Cornwall Trading Standards has been giving advice to charity shops across Cornwall about how to ensure that the products they sell are safe and comply with safety regulations after 1 in 10 electrical items on sale in charity outlets failed to meet safety standards.

All second-hand good sellers are responsible for ensuring they meet legal safety requirements and may also be liable to pay compensation if they sell consumers unsafe goods which cause injury or damage.

The majority of products seized during the visits by Trading Standards officers were as a result of faulty or damaged wiring and unsafe plugs. This included 2-pin continental plugs attached to products that are not suitable for UK standard voltage. These types of plugs can also be easily inserted upside down in UK sockets, resulting in the live and neutral terminals connecting the wrong way, increasing the risk of electrocution.

Research shows that imported counterfeit fuses are being increasingly used in appliances. Trading Standards officers are advising members of the public to hold a fuse and feel its weight before trusting a fuse and to ask themselves if it feels full of sand that makes it work or empty? They are also advising people to check that the ends cannot easily be removed and that it carries a kite mark and state BS1362 which confirms testing to the British Safety Standard.  Anyone who is not sure should ask a qualified electrician to carry out a safety check or component replacement.

“It is crucial that all local residents are aware of the importance of checking the safety of second hand purchases“ said Andy Burnside, from Cornwall Trading Standards.  “Always buy from reputable sources and keep your receipt safe”.

trading standardsDuring the visits to charity shops Trading Standards also found 100% of cosmetics were incorrectly labelled. Where cosmetics have been opened and used there is no way to tell if these donated goods are safe and within best before end dates, so officers are advising consumers to avoid these products.

The UK has statutory hallmarking which means that every item sold as precious metal, ie gold, silver, platinum or palladium, must have been tested and hallmarked by an independent third-party Assay Office, to guarantee that the precious metal is of the fineness stated.  On visits 1 in 4 charity shops were selling precious metals without displaying the compulsory hallmarking notice. This explains the approved hallmarks to ensure consumers benefit from the protection it offers them at the point of sale.

A third of local charity retailers were also not complying with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 refusing refunds on second hand goods. Under the legislation consumers still have rights when purchasing second hand goods or clearance items. They cannot be ‘sold as seen’ which restricts consumer rights.

Councillor Geoff Brown adds: “Cornwall Trading Standards work hard all year to protect local consumers from risk”.

If you think you may be using faulty or unsafe products please stop and return them to where they were purchased. Please contact Cornwall Trading Standards or follow them on social media for product safety information.


Drug Trend Bulletin

August 19th, 2016 by

Please review the below drug trend bulletin created by Police Scotland to warn the public about the dangerous of drugs and how fatal these can be. It also includes images of the most recent ecstasy tablet logos seized by Police Scotland.



Restorative Justice GOOD NEWS STORY

August 16th, 2016 by

A victim of crime has described RJ Cornwall as “a fantastic idea” and “a fantastic service” after she met the offender who broke into her home and stole an iPad.

The couple attended a Restorative Justice (RJ) conference where Gill (not her real name) broke down and wept when she heard about the chaotic lifestyle of the young man. He had been living rough and was addicted to drugs at the time of the burglary. As a result, the woman and her husband decided to become part of the support network for the offender and to write to him during his sentence.

According to RJ Cornwall the offender showed genuine remorse from the outset of the meeting and apologised several times. He gave an honest account of his offending and displayed a willingness to change and move his life forward.

There were a number of agreements made at the conference. The offender has agreed during his jail term to receive help for his drug addiction, mentoring support and help with reading and writing. His supervisor will follow up a with a referral for treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and RJ Cornwall will work with the council to look at assisting with accommodation for him when he leaves jail. They’ve also contacted Timpson, the shoe repair and key cutting company, which offers job opportunities to ex-offenders.

Gill said she “felt completely prepared” for the conference because of the professionalism of the RJ facilitators. She admitted to feeling very nervous beforehand and was anxious about the how the offender would react. But when he described his remorse and, upon further questioning, revealed his background Gill said, “….it was absolutely heart breaking…” and “…I was full of compassion for him.”

Gill added that she is delighted the RJ service is available and feels it can only benefit local communities and society as a whole.

Restorative Cornwall and its service providers, funded through the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Cornwall Council, aim to give victims of crime and anti-social behaviour a greater voice in the outcome of cases, with a view to reducing re-offending rates in the county.


TV star and comedian Caroline Quentin opens a new pad for pooches in Truro

August 3rd, 2016 by

The dog kennel is the latest facility at residential rehabilitation centre Addaction Chy in Truro. Caroline is a great support of substance misuse charities: “This new kennel will allow people to come and gain access to rehab in a fantastic, spacious location. It’s obviously a much-needed facility and it’s great to see Chy has been pushing to make this a reality.”

Not having someone to look after their dog has been a real obstacle for some people needing to access residential treatment for drug and alcohol problems. The majority of residential facilities cannot take animals and pets along with their owners. Many of those who need to go into residential treatment can find friends of family to care for animals, but for the very isolated few, there has been no option to date.

Ross Dunston, the Manager, came up with the innovative solution at Addaction Chy by raising money for a kennel.

Centre manager Ross Dunstan said: “Many people can be put off residential support because they worry about having to give up their dog if they can’t find someone to look after it for the six or more weeks they may stay with us. The kennel is in the grounds of the main house and our move-on flats, so their dog is very close and they can keep caring for it. We hope this new facility will make it easier for more people to access recovery and go on to live fulfilling lives.”

Caroline Quentin added: “As a dog owner myself, I have five, I know how much a beloved hound can make tricky days easier and good days a joy. The men and women at Chy are facing their challenges head on, I admire them hugely.


Chy is part of national drug, alcohol and mental health charity Addaction, which works with more than 70,000 people every year who are affected by their own or someone else’s addiction issues. Chy has been leading the way with innovative ways to make recovery visible, positive and achievable. It is the first residential rehab in the South West to provide such a facility.

The kennel was opened on Saturday July 23rd 2016. To find out more about Addaction Chy visit or call 01872 262414.


Fake ecstasy pills

August 2nd, 2016 by

This bulletin includes images of the most recent ecstasy tablet logos seized by Police Scotland. This includes one seizure of a small number of green ‘Rolex’ logo pills similar to previous recoveries in 2012, however there are slight differences in their appearance. The 2016 tablets were found to contain small amounts of MDMA and amphetamine with the substantive drug content being PMA whilst the 2012 tablets contained PMA. There are no incidents linked to the 2016 recovery and the tablets have been highlighted because of their concerning PMA content.


Current trends have been highlighted in previous bulletins and show an increase in well made pills with more elaborate designs and higher drug content. MDMA crystal is also prevalent which is concerning because of its higher purity in this form.

For further information please read the full article by Police Scotland which also applies across the UK.

Police Scotland Drug Trend Bulletin 11


Free Winter Safety Event

August 2nd, 2016 by

Last year Cornwall Council’s Trading Standards Team found a fail rate of around 30% on electric blanket testing they conducted. These Electric blankets were removed from use with faults to the insulation, plugs with the wrong fuse, frayed wires, faulty control units and a number that had been previously recalled. During last year’s testing they also picked up over 50 Home Safety checks with the Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service. Electrical fires from unsafe electric blanket not only cause damage to property and possessions but also several people a year die from faulty electric blankets.

This year sees an expansion to 10 locations over 5 days. Working with their colleagues from Fire, Age Uk, Call Blocker and the Police. There will be information on free home safety checks, avoiding nuisance calls and the chance to discuss any issues with the team of officers. They are also offering PAT testing on small portable electrical items for £1 an item. For those that are really well prepared it’s a chance to get your Christmas tree lights checked for safety really early!



EB poster final 2016 (2)


On-Line Trade Mark infringements

August 2nd, 2016 by

Wendy Sisely and John Washbrook, previously of Penwinick, St Austell were convicted at Truro Crown Court of offences under the TCCTrade Marks Act 1994. The couple used illegal copies of designs and logos found on the internet to personalise children’s clothing and giftware. They were ordered to complete 75 hours of unpaid community service, to pay £5000 towards the Council’s prosecution costs and to repay the £23,477 benefit from their illegal activity in accordance with the Proceeds of Crime Act. The Judge was clear that although the public may not have been conned into thinking these were genuine items the real mischief was in the loss to legitimate businesses who were trying to sell genuine items and who had paid for the necessary licences.


New Product Recall List

August 2nd, 2016 by

Trading Standards – Cornwall Council

Please view Cornwall Council’s Trading Standards Team product recall list which has recently been updated.

Product Recall – End July 2016


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