car drifting
Anti-social driving


Anti-social driving is any activity involving a vehicle, which causes alarm, danger  or distress. This may include road rage, racing, drifting around corners, excessive noise, wheel-spinning and tyre burnouts.

Ideas for you

If you know the perpetrator of the antisocial driving behaviour you’re experiencing and feel safe enough to have a friendly conversation with them to explain your concerns, this could be your first approach. However, if this isn’t the case, or if the problems continue, a report to the police either online or via the 101 non-emergency line may be necessary. report ASB here

Devon and Cornwall Operation Snap is an online service put in place to facilitate submissions of video evidence relating to driving incidents that members of the public have witnessed. Use this link to report incidents you have witnessed.

Things that might help

British Transport Police provide further information on what constitutes anti-social driving behaviour.  Use the link above to find out more.