Change 4U Workshops Take Off For The First Time Since COVID in Cornwall

17 August 2022

Safer Futures Change 4U service which provides a behaviour change programme are now providing workshops to clients within the programme for the first time since COVID

Change 4U’s Fleur and Sam provided its first face to face group session since the pandemic in April and again in May this year. Change 4U is currently offering monthly workshop sessions which are provided in addition to the Change 4U Programme and the Integrated Offender Management Programme, provided by Barnardo’s as a part of Safer Futures. Clients who attended April’s session were able to further develop their understanding of communication, enhance their communication skills, and to have the tools and techniques to have better communication overall, whilst in May participant’s were able to develop knowledge and awareness of Gender Privilege.

“I think we have the making of a good team and am looking forward to working together over the coming months.”

Fleur, lead facilitator

There was a lot of anticipation when looking to run the first workshop for Change 4U, and for it to be delivered in a completely new and unique way to ever before: “Both Sam and I thought we would be doing most of the talking and would have to stretch our facilitation skills to encourage group contributions and discussion” Fleur said, and went onto say “Sam and I started the workshop asking the group to make a group contract, to build the foundations of creating a safe space.”

When looking to promote engagement, Fleur said “the groups decided they wanted to include some shared goals of what the group wanted to achieve through the workshops, this was not our idea- totally theirs”; Fleur went onto say “what struck me as having facilitated recovery groups for those that experience Domestic Abuse was it doesn’t matter what side of the behaviour you are on, Domestic Abuse creates isolation and a disconnect with others, and they all expressed their sense of isolation and a desire to change this, [which] was a real learning point for me”.

“Safer Futures and Change 4U understand the impact the pandemic has had on our clients in being able to have a community around them, social links to support them and the means to talk about presenting issues and difficulties in a social and supportive setting. We hope these groups will help reduce some of that isolation our clients face, being able to talk truthfully and openly about how they feel, the challenges they face, and the behaviour change journey they are on, in a safe and confidential environment, with others on a similar journey to themselves. Huge congratulations to Fleur and Sam for making this such a success”.

Danny Byrne, Senior Project Worker at Change 4U

“It is really encouraging that clients who wish to change their behaviour are not only successfully engaging in the programme’s provided, but voluntarily choosing to attend additional workshops to enhance and develop their learning further, and I am excited to see where future workshops take us as a service – Well done Sam and Fleur for such fantastic delivery and start to providing these workshops”.

Sarah Milnes, Children’s Services Manager, Barnardo’s

Change 4U currently provide monthly workshops to those currently enrolled on the Change 4U programme. Change 4U currently offers a three tier support programme to ensure the best and most suitable service is provided to clients wishing to either change their behaviour, or develop healthier and stronger relationships. More can be read about our programme, as well as how to refer via the following link:

Change 4U have since run 5 workshops all which have had successful engagement and have brought about effective change alongside the one to one work which compliment each other. Change 4U has recently used clips from the TV Series Love Island which was to help relate the content learnt to the pop culture of today, and as a form of relating to the behaviours seen that are healthy and unhealthy.

Safer Futures provide a wealth of services and support options to anyone in Cornwall aged 8 or over who require support relating to domestic abuse, sexual violence, or are in need of developing skills and knowledge to have healthier and stronger relationships.

If you would like to refer yourself to Safer Futures to access this free county wide service in Cornwall, you can make an online referral via or by calling our friendly helpline via 0300 777 4 777.

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