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10 January 2017 Posted by

Safer Cornwall has just published the consultation draft of our first Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy, which is planned to come into effect in April 2017. We are now seeking the views of stakeholders, partners, elected members and the public in a variety of ways. As a partnership we want to introduce a strategic mechanism to identify and facilitate further development to address key priorities linked with ASB. It is important that we work together to exercise our responsibilities in order to protect the rights of those living, working and visiting Cornwall.

Our overarching aim is to ‘Reduce incident of anti-social behaviour through focusing on the key priority areas identified’ which include –

  • Alcohol and Drug Misuse
  • Perceptions of ASB
  • Targeted Response
  • Vulnerability
  • Young People

Due to the range of anti-social and nuisance behaviours that are defined within the existing legislative and policy framework, Safer Cornwall recognises that ASB is a cross cutting issue that impacts on all of the Safer Cornwall strategic priorities outlined in the Partnership Plan as well as the additional key themes above. Furthermore Safer Cornwall has identified five key strategic outcomes under which they will manage anti-social behaviour over the coming 3 years.

We will seek to ensure that:

  • Reoffending is reduced in the most persistent offenders through a coordinated partnership approach
  • Residents feel that the ASB issues that matter are being tackled effectively in their local area
  • Reduced impact of ASB on communities by targeting hotspot areas as they occur
  • Those at greatest risk of harm are identified and protected
  • Young people are referred and engaged at an early stage to address factors which contribute to their anti-social behaviour

The consultation period is open from 18 November 2016 – 10 February 2017.

You can read the ASB Strategy here Download PDF File

If you like to take part in the consultation please take it here  

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