Cornwall Council trains all employees to recognise and respond to domestic abuse and sexual violence

21 June 2023

Following Cornwall’s new Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy which prioritises prevention and early intervention, Cornwall Council has made domestic abuse and sexual violence training mandatory for all staff.

All employees are required to complete e-learning training which helps them to recognise domestic abuse, and to understand responsibilities in safeguarding people. A mandatory face to face managers training has also gone live. This training raises awareness of domestic abuse, provide information on responding to disclosures, recognising signs and symptoms and provide practical information regarding processes and signposting for support.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with staff feeling more confident and competent to recognise and respond to domestic abuse, both inside and outside of work.
Cornwall Council are showing they take their responsibility to support employees and their role in ending domestic abuse and sexual violence seriously and are leading the way with this approach.

“Training delivered with honesty and integrity”

“Keep up with this, well done Cornwall Council!”

“Thank you for this course, it is really valuable and will help a lot of people”.

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