Strategic Assessment

This is the annual Safer Cornwall Strategic assessment for 2015/16 which informs the planning process for the next three years. This assessment contains information to aid understanding of the priority crime and disorder issues impacting on the safety of our communities in Cornwall. It also talks about what we have achieved in the last year, how we are measuring our effectiveness and some of the future challenges. The assessment also introduces some new areas of work and where we are in understanding and addressing them

Safer Cornwall Partnership Plan 2013- 16 (annual refresh 2014/15)Safer Cornwall Strategic Assessment 2015_16


Partnership Plan 2016-2019

The Safer Cornwall Partnership Plan provides a commitment from all those involved to work together to address those priorities with clearly defined objectives. It provides a clear single place setting out the collective response of partners and also directs readers to other key strategies that are intrinsic to delivering against our objectives effectively.


Download PDF FilePartnership Plan 2016 – 19


Download PDF FileDelivery Plan & Performance Framework 2016 – 19



Peninsula Strategic Assessment

The Peninsula incorporates eight community safety partnerships (CSPs) and one strategic County level partnership, Safer Devon. Their statutory responsibilities and activities are set down within the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, but the partnerships essentially serve and respond to local need and delivery structures and hence there are differences in the way that they work across the Peninsula.

Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)   Peninsula Strategic Assessment Annual update 2015-16


Other Needs Assessments



This needs assessment has been structured around the eight themes in the Alcohol Strategy. It aids understanding about the wide-reaching impacts of alcohol, considers the range and effectiveness (where possible) of the services in place to address them and explores future threats and opportunities. Under each thematic area, you will find key findings brought together from a wide range of research and analysis relevant to the topic. These have been designed to be used as standalone reference papers and there is no separate Executive Summary.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Alcohol Needs Assessment 2014-15 Cornwall and IOS Alcohol Needs Assessment 2014-15


Alcohol Strategy


This is the updated Alcohol Strategy for Cornwall, in which we set out the priority areas that we will address as we respond to the challenges caused by our alcohol use and its consequences.

This strategy addresses preventative and early intervention issues such as education and advice; covers responsible retail, licensing and enforcement; incorporates health treatment and support; and includes reducing the harmful impact of alcohol on families and communities.

It also outlines our response to the most extreme problems connected to alcohol, whether these are visible problems such as anti-social behaviour and the annually increasing numbers of people hospitalised as a result of alcohol, or hidden problems such as domestic abuse or the large numbers of people drinking at levels that put their own health at increased risk.

Download PDF File  Alcohol Strategy 2016-19




The purpose of needs assessment is to examine, as systematically as possible, what the relative needs and harms are within different groups and settings, and make evidence-based and ethical decisions on how needs might be most effectively met within available resources. Through undertaking a rigorous needs assessment, we aim to assist localities to continue to ensure that systems and services are recovery focused, provide value for money and meet the needs of local communities.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Drug Treatment Needs Assessment 2014-15  Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Drug Treatment Needs Assessment 2014-15

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Drug Treatment Needs Assessment 2014-15 Young Persons Substance Misuse Needs Assessment 2014/15


Alcohol & Drug Treatment 2012-2015 Commissioning Strategy


Commissioning is a partnership between the DAAT, local service users, their families, communities and services. Its purpose is to make the best use of the resources available to meet local needs. It is a process of constant improvement. Commissioning should put local people at its heart, making it possible to have more choice and the most up to date services because it constantly learns from the best evidence.

Download PDF File CIOS DAAT Alcohol Drug Treatment 2012-2015 Commissioning Strategy

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence


This year’s Safer Cornwall Strategic Assessment (2015/16) identified that domestic abuse and sexual violence continues to present the highest overall risk to communities in Cornwall and reported incidence of domestic abuse and sexual violence is higher locally than the average for similar areas elsewhere in the country.

In response to the continued high risk to communities coupled with the need for a robust evidence base on which to develop a new Strategy, Amethyst has produced the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Needs Assessment 2015/16.

The overarching aim of the needs assessment was to examine, as systematically as possible, what the relative needs and harms are for people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence and to establish whether current responses are meeting these needs. The impact of the document should be two-fold;

  • To underpin the next round of commissioning of domestic abuse and sexual violence services and inform commissioning decisions in other areas that impact on this area of work.
  • To influence how organisations respond to domestic abuse and sexual violence and their development of policy and practice.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Drug Treatment Needs Assessment 2014-15Safer Cornwall DASV Needs Assessment 2015_16


Together For Families


The national Troubled Families Programme, known locally in Cornwall as the Together for Families Programme, is preparing for transition into Phase Two of delivery which will involve a broadening of the eligibility criteria and a significant increase in the number of eligible families. Cornwall will be expected to identify, engage and achieve positive outcomes for approximately 4,000 families between April 2015 and March 2020.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Drug Treatment Needs Assessment 2014-15 Together for Families Needs Assessment 2015_16




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