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Dog Fouling If your dog fouls in any public area you are required to clean up, and properly dispose of it.


If your dog fouls in any public area you are required to clean it up and properly dispose of it. Cornwall Council have introduced a Dog Fouling Public Spaces Protection Order that covers all of Cornwall which you can read here  This is to ensure all areas of Cornwall have the same levels of enforcement for dog fouling that covers all land (with the exception of Forestry Commission Land) in the open air to which the public are entitled access (by payment or not). 

Failing to clean up after your dog has fouled will result in a fixed penalty being issued. This is for £100 or prosecution where, if found guilty, you would face a maximum fine of £1,000. 

We only have a limited number of Dog Welfare and Enforcement Officers in Cornwall. However, there are a number of other officers who are able to issue fixed penalties. Many of these are not uniformed officers, which means that there is a relatively high chance that you will be caught should you not clear up after your dog has fouled.  

It is not an excuse in law that you were not aware of the fact that the dog had fouled. You can be held responsible even if you did not see the incident, or if it is witnessed whilst your dog is straying. 

If your dog fouls please pick up the faeces with something like a small plastic bag. The bag should be as small as possible otherwise the bin quickly becomes full of plastic rather than dog waste. Please do not throw your bagged waste into the hedge. Instead, take it to the nearest litter or dog waste bin.  Anyone caught throwing bagged dog waste will face a £150 fixed penalty or prosecution. 

Ideas for you

You can report a dog owner for allowing their dog to foul in a public area here

Cornwall Council’s aim is to investigate all complaints received with a primary focus being targeted at dog fouling hotspots. The level of service provided can vary depending upon the quality of information reported to us. 

For example the Council would be in a better position to take action should you be able to provide a full description of what happened, including:

You may be asked to provide a witness statement. You will be provided with information and help with this. If the fixed penalty is not paid it is likely that you would be asked to attend court. To tackle dog fouling issues we do rely on help from members of the public reporting issues and providing us with sufficient levels of evidence. We aim to keep public areas clean and free from dog mess. If you are aware of a particular problem area that needs cleaning please tell us about it by reporting it here

Things that might help

You can view the Fouling of Land Order here <Cornwall Fouling of Land Order >

You can view the dogs on lead by direction order here <Dogs On Lead By Direction Order >

For more information visit Dog fouling – Cornwall Council here