Doorstep crime and rogue traders


Doorstep criminals affect the lives of Cornwall residents all year round. In the last year alone they took over £125,000 from homeowners for work that either wasn’t needed, was poorly done, or in some cases, wasn’t carried out at all.

Ideas for you

Always say no to cold callers. Genuine businesses do not cold call.

If you have evidence of a scam operating in your area, or you are worried about a doorstep trader we would like to hear from you. Don’t confront them. Just get as much information as you can, such as:
• vehicle description and registration number,
• business name
• what they are selling or the work they are doing
• dates and times of the visit
• keep hold of any fliers / leaflets they may have given you
and then email [email protected] or call 0300 1234 191

Things that might help

Cornwall Council offers comprehensive information and free resource packs including window stickers and identification guides here.

It has been proven that areas that operate a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme are less likely to be targeted by crime, rogue traders and distraction burglars. If you already live in a neighbourhood watch area consider putting a sticker on your door or window to deter doorstep crime. If your area isn’t currently actively engaged in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme you can find out how to establish one here.

Other links and information

Further information is available on the Cornwall Council website here.