Flyposting is the unauthorised placing of signs, posters or stickers, usually advertisements or promoting events. They are placed without the permission of the owner of the property or structure. The Council takes flyposting seriously. When you report flyposting to us, we will make enquiries into the source of the material and take action if possible.

Flyposting is illegal. It spoils both public and private property and can be very costly to remove. It is a criminal offence that can carry a large fine given out by magistrates, or up to an £80 fixed penalty notice issued by the local authority or police.

Ideas for you

If you see anyone applying flyposting on Council managed land or buildings you can report it to Cornwall Council Community and Environment Protection here

If the flyposting is on private land, consult the property owner about its removal. If you do not know who owns the property you can undertake a land registry search to find out here

It is the landowner’s responsibility to remove flyposting on private property. Some tips are included below:

Preventing flyposting

Things that might help

If you are a local business, why not join DISC – the online information-sharing system for crime reduction. It empowers communities to ‘self manage’ low level crime and ASB, and enables police to work with them to deliver a new kind of effective, joined-up community policing. Speak with your local Business Improvement District (BID) to see if there is already a DISC system set up in your area or if it is something your town could join up to.