Know your area Do you want to know more about the local area? This page provides links to key evidence about Cornwall including the people, the local environment, jobs and housing, levels of crime and health and wellbeing.

The Safer Towns Programme provides intensive partnership support for the ten towns with the highest levels of crime and disorder by delivering strong local action plans that respond to the needs and voices of the whole community.

Each of the ten Safer Towns has a detailed Safer Town profile which provides a picture of crime and community safety issues for this area. It highlights the main themes, patterns and trends in crime and anti-social behaviour alongside other key statistics. It compares the area with other large towns in Cornwall to help identify areas of need. The profiles also include a summary of local initiatives and achievements delivered by the partnership.

You can access these profiles here: HERE

If your area is not covered by a Safer Town partnership

If you would like to find out more about crime and anti-social behaviour and your area is not covered by a Safer Town partnership, you can view the Local Insight Community Profile which has a section on crime and anti-social behaviour. This information is available for a range of geographies in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and is regularly updated as new data becomes available.

The profiles include information about various crime types such as: all crime, violent crimes, criminal damage incidents, burglaries, robberies, vehicle crimes, anti-social behaviour incidents.

For more detailed information, the Police publish statistics about street level recorded crime and anti-social behaviour. This allows members of the public to see what is happening in their local area and provides Police contacts for your local neighbourhood.

Recorded crime can be affected by changes in levels of reporting to the police and/or police recording practices. For this reason, it is advised that you seek advice regarding the interpretation of local crime statistics as there may be a range of additional factors to take into consideration.

You can access this information here:  Your area | (

The Local Insight Community Profile provides interactive maps and reports at different geographic levels showing key social and economic indicators. It allows you to compare the area selected with the average for England and the South West. The tool can be accessed via the Cornwall Council website. 

Here you can find information about the population, education and skills, vulnerable groups, the economy, housing, transport, crime and safety, the environment and health and wellbeing.

You can download these profiles in a range of different geographies including: Cornwall, Integrated Care Areas, Community Area Partnerships, Primary Care Networks, Electoral Divisions, towns and parishes.

You can access these profiles here by selecting ‘reports’ from the task bar: Local Insight ( 

In 2023 Cornwall Council divided into 12 new administrative partnerships called Community Area Partnerships.  These partnerships bring together local organisations and groups to tackle the issues that matter most to each community. They include political representation from town and parish councils as well as Cornwall Council together with representatives from the Police, health service and voluntary and community sector.

Each Community Area Partnership will produce its own Community Action Plan to address the issues that are most relevant in that area. To help support these plans and to provide a summary of the main issues for each area, the Community Safety Team has produced a series of reports which summarise key issues and signpost to further information. These reports can be accessed via the Cornwall Council website on each partnership page.

You can access these Community Area Partnership know your area reports here: Community Area Partnerships – Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council has developed a Town Economic Vitality Index to help assess the needs of communities in Cornwall. This offers a unique insight into economic challenges at town level. The Index, with other local knowledge, will help inform future funding opportunities.

The Index features 22 Cornish towns and incorporates 12 key economic indicators such as: Business Growth, Unemployment figures, benefit claimants, deprivation, household income, fuel poverty, gigabit broadband, life expectancy, occupations, violent crime, vacancies.

You can access this information here: Town Economic Vitality Index – Cornwall Council

Need more help or can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us at [email protected] or call 0300 1234 232 and ask for a Community Safety Officer.

Who owns the land

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