Modern Slavery

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Modern slavery is estimated to affect in region of 20 -30 million people worldwide, who are being sold as objects. Some of this extends into the UK and into Cornwall, However no one really knows the full extent. As a result, the Modern Slavery Bill is currently working its way through the parliament process.

Community Safety staff are currently conducting a needs assessment of Modern Slavery  in Cornwall. Once this has been completed, a Modern Slavery strategy and delivery plan will be developed.

Broadly speaking modern slavery consists of four main categories;

  • Sexual exploitation – where people are trafficked and are held under ‘debt bondage’ this is a slick criminal business, involving child abuse and prostitution.
  • Labour exploitation – This can involve the agriculture and construction industries.
  • Criminal exploitation – Cannabis farming, fraudulent use of charity bags, benefits fraud, forced marriage.
  • Domestic servitude – where foreign nations are exploited for low paid domestic service.

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