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BikeThe Easter weekend often sees an increase in motorcyclists taking to the road again after the dark, cold and wet winter months. Dusting off their motorcycles to enjoy the lighter evenings and, hopefully, fine weather over the long Bank Holiday weekend, riders may not have ridden for some months. This early period of reacclimatising to their machine can take some time and in recent years Cornwall has seen a peak in collisions involving motorcycles during the first few weeks British Summer time and sunny Sundays.

Injuries to motorcyclists are out of proportion to their presence on our roads. They are roughly 38 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic collision than car occupants, per mile ridden.

Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety (CFRCS) Service’s Road Safety team are urging all motorcyclists to follow the below tips to help keep themselves and other road users safe.

Riding defensively makes you less vulnerable
Make sure you:

  • anticipate the actions of others
  • are alert and observant
  • can slow down and stop if the unexpected happens
  • position yourself in the safest and best place to maximise your visibility of potential hazards
  • take a ‘lifesaver’ glance over your shoulder before carrying out manoeuvres, so you know where others are and what they’re doing

Wear the right gear
Fall off your bike and tarmac will shred through your jeans in seconds. Wearing the right gear is just as important to your safety as servicing your motorcycle and knowing how to ride it.

  • Wear bright or florescent gear during the day and reflective gear at night
  • Bikers must wear a protective jacket, gloves, boots and trousers

And if you are a driver, here are a few simple ways of avoiding collisions with motorcyclists:

  • Look carefully for motorbikes when you pull out at a junction. If you’re approaching a junction, look out for motorcyclists pulling out too
  • Keep your distance
  • Check for bikes when changing lanes
  • Check for bikes when turning
  • Double-check for motorcyclists, whether you’re turning left or right.

Paula Wellings Casualty Reduction Manager said: “This month sees the launch of our ‘Biker season’ campaign where we go along to ‘Bike Nights’ across the county to engage with riders with a positive message of  “enjoy your riding and get home safely by giving yourself time to react”.  This year we are also introducing the ‘Biker Down’ scheme developed by Kent Fire and Rescue and adopted by 17 other Fire and Rescue Services across the Country.  The scheme aims to provide training and advice to riders about what to do should they witness or come across a collision.”  Watch out for future information on our webpages at

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