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On Wednesday 26 November 2014 the Cornwall ‘Risk Evaluation And Coordination Hub’ (REACH), will officially open. It will co-produce domestic abuse and drug and alcohol services from design through to delivery.


This year’s Safer Cornwall Strategic Assessment identifies domestic abuse and problem alcohol use as the highest risk for communities in Cornwall. There were approximately 8,500 domestic abuse incidents reported to police in 2013/14 whilst a national prevalence estimate would indicate 17,000 victims of abuse annually in Cornwall which evidences significant under-reporting.

Nearly 1,000 Night Time Economy violent incidents are alcohol related which impacts on Policing and our Health facilities such as Minor Injury Units and Emergency Departments. Long term, 25,400 people are drinking at higher risk levels, double the recommended safe level which will significantly impact health services in the future.

Michelle Davies, Safer Cornwall’s Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Strategy Manager said: “Safer Cornwall recognises that domestic abuse, sexual violence, alcohol and substance use and mental health are key issues for people’s well-being. Responding to these complex issues through a partnership approach is key for keeping people safe and well; REACH presents this very opportunity.

The co-location of partners from Police, Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Team and the new Community Rehabilitation Company will ensure we are thinking alignment from the planning stage whilst the co-location of operational partners such as the Family Intervention Project, WAVES (Counselling) and Twelves Company (IDVA Service) will enable operational alignment”.

Kim Hager, DAAT Manager “People rarely experience one problem alone and yet we have historically we have all worked with them separately. The national Troubled Families programme found families were often affected by 9 problems all together. In these times of public sector cuts, we have to address the priority issues of drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse and mental health where they occur together or in combination. In essence we are all committed, in a time of reducing resources, to deliver more and better for less and services that make real differences for the people of Cornwall”.

Phase one has been running since April whereby REACH has operated a domestic abuse advice line Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. The advice line is supported by an experienced team of domestic abuse workers to assist in enabling professionals to identify appropriate services for clients through risk assessment, safety planning and referral.

Reach is also providing general information, advice and support for individuals who want to learn more about our services or who want support for themselves, a friend, family member or colleague.

“I am whole-heartedly supportive of the innovation being displayed by the partners of Safer Cornwall” said Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council cabinet member for Homes and Communities. “Responding to domestic abuse, problem alcohol use and mental health are common themes emerging from a range of services and we need to make sure that our response is the right response at the right time. I am hugely reassured that it is Safer Cornwall leading in this area of work and encouraged by the ambition to deliver more and better for our communities”

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