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To broaden the publics understanding of the current cultural attitudes towards alcohol, and the negative effects that these attitudes produce, encouraging long term cultural change towards alcohol.

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Our key messages are built around the negative effects that alcohol has in Cornwall, and these are:

  • In Cornwall, alcohol is involved in over half of the domestic violence incidents, making up nearly a third of all alcohol related violence. Similarly, nearly a third of sexual offences are alcohol related.
  • 48% of all  violent crime is recorded as linked to alcohol.
  • Half of all of the pedestrians killed in road accidents over the last seven years had been drinking.
  • Consuming alcohol reduces the likelihood of discovering a fire, and impairs your ability to escape from one.
  • One third of all neighbourhoods say that alcohol related issues are a problem in their area.
  • Young people are at the highest risk of becoming involved in alcohol related violence,  both as victims and offenders.



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