Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence

Domestic abuse and sexual violence is the number one priority for Safer Cornwall. Beyond the immediate physical and emotional harm caused, domestic abuse and sexual violence has far-reaching and long-lasting impacts on victims and their children.

The cross-government definition of domestic abuse is:

“Any incident, or pattern of incidents, of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are, or have been, intimate partners or are family members, regardless of gender or sexuality. This includes:

Psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse, stalking, So-called ‘honour’-based or ‘honour’ violence and forced marriage and Female genital mutilation”

In 2008 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined its understanding of sexual violence as

any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act, unwanted sexual comments or advances, or acts to traffic someone’s sexuality, using coercion, threats of harm, or physical force, by any person regardless of relationship to the victim, in any setting, including but not limited to home and work”.

Support and help for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence:

If you are in danger, please dial 999 immediately or 101 in a non-emergency.  If you ring 999 but can’t talk, make sure the Police know you are there by coughing or tapping the handset, or by dialling 55.  Alternatively you can visit to find a safe place to stay.


offers advice and support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse, concerned family members/friends or professionals. Based on a risk and needs assessment you will be able to access the most appropriate support for you.

Helpline: 0300 777 4777   Professionals’ Enquiry Line : 01872 241 711

Secure Email:
Non-secure Email:


Sexual Assault Referral Centre

The Willow Centre is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Cornwall and provides a one-stop location, offering medical care and emotional support to victims of rape and serious sexual assault whether they are male, female, adults or children.

Helpline: 01872 272 059

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Non-secure Email:





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