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You may not think that you are abusive towards your partner, and for a variety of reasons you may consider your behaviour is acceptable. The behaviour traits below describe some of the ways that abusers try to control their partners. Abusers will use different methods to try to exercise their power and control . Every one of these examples is unacceptable behaviour.

Am I an abuser?


If you behave in any of the ways described, you are likely to need help to address your behaviour. You can get help by contacting the Evolution project.




The Evolution Programme aims to support and protect those within our community whose lives are affected by domestic abuse.

[su_expand less_text=”Through use of an educational programme that challenges the detrimental beliefs, behaviours and actions used to cause harm; we will strive to facilitate positive change and prevent further abuse in families. If you or someone you know; is being abusive towards their partner, the EVOLUTION Programme could help. Is your partner abusive towards you? Would you like some support whilst they are helped to address their abusive behaviour? We are a voluntary programme that uses a mix of one to one and group-work to help abusive people change their behaviour. Our non-judgemental; therapeutic approach is suitable for anyone over 18 years old. We will support people across Cornwall.” text_color=”#11a5bb” link_color=”#11a5bb” more_icon=”icon: search-plus” less_icon=”icon: search-minus”][/su_expand]

If you would like to refer yourself, your partner or a client please contact us by email: evolution.project@aol.co.uk  or phone 07584 350055 during office hours.

Please note: Evolution are currently unable to accept referrals for clients with children due to child protection procedures.

Some abusive partners drink or take drugs, and this can lead to abusive behaviour. It is important to understand that alcohol and drugs are not the cause of abusive behaviour, but they can disinhibit an abuser who has other underlying issues that are the root cause of the abuse.

If you have problems with alcohol or drugs you can get help here  however, you may need additional support to help  you change your behaviour towards your partner.

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