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If you are in danger now, call 999 and ask for the Police

Most people hearing the words domestic violence think of physical abuse.

Domestic violence can involve physical violence such as beating, slapping and kicking. But there are other ways that your partner or other family member can abuse you. These may be sexual, emotional, psychological and financial.

      What does ReaCH offer?

REACH offers advice, support and then a referral on to the appropriate services for all victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse living in Cornwall. We work with women and men, people in lesbian / gay / heterosexual relationships, with gypsies and travellers, people who are in fear of being forced into marriages and people who are victims of honour based violence. We work with older victims and with young people in fact we will support anyone who maybe experiencing domestic violence or abuse as part of an intimate relationship or as part of abuse from a family member.

Contact us by:

Calling us now on:                           0300 777 4 777

Professionals’ Enquiry Line :        01872 241 711

Texting us now on:                          07760 442581


Secure Email: reach.support@firstlight.cjsm.net
Non-secure Email: reach.support@firstlight.org.uk


All communication will be dealt with in a confidential manner

We are open Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.







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