What is IOM? IOM stands for Integrated Offender Management, and Turnaround for Cornwall is the team working with the Priority and Prolific Offenders (PPOs).

Who do we work with?

IOM candidates can be subject to statutory Probation supervision or they may be identified as requiring support and intervention to address their issues and behaviour that is linked to their criminal behaviour.

Complexity of needs

The complexity of needs increases as the risk of reconviction increases. Although female offenders are much lower in number they have more complex needs, particularly in relation to mental / emotional health issues.

What do we do?

The Cornwall TurnAround team work collectively with their cohort assisting in addressing the individuals thinking, behaviour and issues such as substance use and accommodation.

The TurnAround team work intensively with their cohort which includes regular Probation appointments and home visits, treatment with substance misuse workers and other diversionary activities.

We also signpost (and support in engaging) individuals along the appropriate pathways to reduce or cease their re-offending.

The pathways include:

Drug and alcohol intervention

Accommodation provision

How do we accept referrals?

We actively seek referrals from the Police, Probation and partner agencies. If the candidate is accepted onto the Turnaround scheme they are allocated an IOM lead worker.


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