Aggressive begging More aggressive forms of begging are often associated with criminal activity


Begging can be both harmful to individuals and detrimental to communities. It is important to make a distinction between begging linked with rough sleeping and begging that is used by organised criminal gangs and / or to support criminal activity. The more aggressive forms of begging are more often associated with criminal activity.

Ideas for you

If you are concerned about someone who is begging and you think they are homeless you can report them either to your local council or via who will notify the local authority.

If the person appears under 18 you should contact the police. If the person is in immediate danger or needs urgent care always dial 999.

Things that might help

Tips and advice for businesses dealing with aggressive are available from the National Business Crime Centre here

A summary of the Local Government Association consultation review of the Vagrancy Act from 2022 is available here.