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Over the past few weeks, Cornwall Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team has worked with Devon & Cornwall Police and other agencies to partially close residential properties across Cornwall where persistent anti-social behaviour concerns have been reported.

A Partial Premises Closure allows only those who habitually reside at the property to continue to remain there. This provides respite to the surrounding residents who have witnessed and been subjected to anti-social behaviour from those residing in and visiting the property.

The first closure took place on 18 March 2020 where Cornwall Council, in partnership with Devon and Cornwall Police & Livewest Housing, gained a partial closure at an address in Penzance. This was following increased reports of alcohol fuelled behaviour and misuse of illegal substances. Following the order, agencies have been able to increase support for the residents to help sustain their tenancy.

On 01 April 2020, a second application was made by Cornwall Council’s ASB Team and Devon & Cornwall Police on a property in Wadebridge. The premises is now closed to everyone with the exception of those who are normally resident at the address.

These premises will now face these conditions for a period of three months and anyone found to have breached the order will be liable to arrest and prosecution.

Residents are encouraged to continue to report anti-social behaviour to the police using the 101 number of by emailing

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