Safer Cornwall Partnership Plan

The Safer Cornwall Partnership Plan provides a commitment from all those involved to work together to address the community safety priorities for Cornwall, reduce crime and disorder and ensure that everyone who lives, works or visits Cornwall can do so in security and safety.

This is the third and final year of the current Partnership Plan, which is effective until 31 March 2019 and based on evidence from the 2015/16 Strategic Assessment.

Priorities and focus areas for the Plan were identified through the 2015/16 strategic assessment and agreed by local partners and groups for the period 2016-2019.


Download PDF FileSafer Cornwall Partnership Plan 2016-19 Year 3 Refresh


Download PDF FileSafer Cornwall Partnership Plan 2016-19 Year 3 Delivery Plan


Strategic Assessment


This is the annual Safer Cornwall Strategic assessment for 2015/16 which informs the planning process for the next three years. This assessment contains information to aid understanding of the priority crime and disorder issues impacting on the safety of our communities in Cornwall. It also talks about what we have achieved in the last year, how we are measuring our effectiveness and some of the future challenges. The assessment also introduces some new areas of work and where we are in understanding and addressing them

Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA) Safer Cornwall Strategic Assessment 2015_16


Peninsula Strategic Assessment


Since 2012, analysts representing each of the CSPs and the police have worked together, as the Peninsula Crime Analysts Network, to build a shared evidence base. This has taken the form of the Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA) and the suite of Organised Crime Local Profiles (OCLPs) that support the local delivery of the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy.

The PSA describes the main threats and risks to communities across Devon and Cornwall for the next three years, and identifies a number of common issues that it could be of benefit for CSPs to explore together. It also provides a broad assessment of the effectiveness of the responses in place and identifies gaps and areas for improvement.

The latest iteration of the PSA provides an update for the Police and Crime Commissioner to refresh the final year of the Police and Crime Plan.

Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)   Peninsula Strategic Assessment Annual update 2018-19



Safer Town Profiles

The profiles below aim to provide an understanding of some of the largest towns in Cornwall. They highlight the intrinsic differences between each of towns and gives detail of how crime trends, seasonality and deprivation can differ between locations. The profiles focus on crime and anti-social behaviour, deprivation and health as well as the views of residents. These profiles have been produced in order to inform the individual action plans for the Safer Town programme.


Bodmin Town ProfilesBodmin Town Profile

Camborne and Redruth Town ProfilesCamborne Town Profile

Falmouth Town ProfileFalmouth Town Profile

Liskeard Town ProfileLiskeard Town Profile

Newquay Town ProfileNewquay Town Profile

Penzance Town ProfilePenzance Town Profile

Redruth Town ProfileRedruth Town Profile

Saltash Town ProfileSaltash Town Profile

St Austell Town ProfileSt Austell Town Profile

Truro Town ProfileTruro City Profile


Other Needs Assessments



The main delivery framework around alcohol issues in Cornwall is provided by our local Cornwall Alcohol Strategy 2016-19,’Taking responsibility for Alcohol’.

The strategy draws on evidence compiled for the Alcohol Needs Assessment and has three overarching objectives:

  1. Enable people to make informed choices about alcohol
  2. Improve services to reduce the harm associated with alcohol
  3. Partnerships to reduce alcohol’s negative impact on communities


Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA) CIOS Alcohol Needs Assessment 2016_17


Alcohol Strategy


Download PDF File  Alcohol Strategy 2016-19

Cornwall Alcohol Strategy ACTION PLAN



Young people’s Substance Misuse Needs Assessment


This Needs Assessment has been developed in accordance with the Public Health England JSNA Support Pack and NICE guidelines. The findings of this Needs Assessment, along with the Adult Drug Treatment and Alcohol Needs Assessment will provide the evidence base for the local Commissioning Strategy and will ensure that the redesign of drug treatment provision will be evidence led.

Download PDF File Young People's Substance Misuse Needs Assessment 2016_17




Cornwall Council and Cornwall’s Community Safety Partnership, Safer Cornwall, are responsible for reducing the harm related to drugs and alcohol locally. As such it is important to review local needs and evidence for drug and alcohol provision and assess the impacts upon individuals, families and local communities. This information is used to inform the commissioning of a range of services and system improvements that seek to make a positive impact.


Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)


CIOS Drugs Needs Assessment 2016_17


Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence

The needs assessment aims to provide a shared understanding of local need in relation to domestic abuse and sexual violence, to inform the development of local services and enable victims, perpetrators, their families and children to have their needs met more effectively. It provides answers to the following questions:

  • How many people are at risk?
  • What are the impacts on victims, perpetrators and their families?
  • What services exist, how many use them and what are the outcomes?
  • What are the gaps in our local response, and how important are they?
  • What best practice and guidance can help us to understand/fill the gaps?

The first comprehensive needs assessment on domestic abuse and sexual violence in Cornwall was published in January 2016.  This update brings the prevalence and trend data up-to-date, highlighting changes in patterns and trends and any emerging risks. It includes a review of the effectiveness of commissioned services and the wider system, using the latest data from the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Outcomes Framework.

Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)


DASV Needs Assessment Update 2018


Sexual assault services needs assessment


The purpose of this document is to build upon the 2015/16 Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Needs Assessment to refresh the evidence base and needs assessment of sexual assault services in Cornwall in light of new guidance and the South West SARC Needs Assessment.

Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)


Sexual assault services needs assessment



Refuge needs assessment


The 2015/16 Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Needs Assessment reviewed the relative needs and harms for people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence to establish whether current responses are meeting these needs.  This report focuses on crisis intervention for domestic abuse in the form of refuge provision. It reviews the demand for service provision, the profile of those entering refuge, and outcomes for these residents. It includes a particular focus on complex needs; in terms of mental health and drug and alcohol misuse.


Download PDF FileRefuge needs assessment


CIOS Missing and Sexual Exploitation Strategy


Tackling the sexual exploitation of children, young people and adults at risk


Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)


CIOS Missing and Sexual Exploitation Strategy


Anti-social Behaviour


A review of the evidence and consultation with local stakeholders has identified five priorities for tackling anti-social behaviour in Cornwall:
 Alcohol and drug misuse
 Perceptions of Anti-Social Behaviour
 Targeted Response
 Vulnerability
 Young people

Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)


Cornwall ASB Strategy 2017-2020


Reoffending Strategy


Our overarching outcome is to:

Reduce reoffending of adults, children and young people in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in order to reduce crime and prevent further victims. The intention is to reduce both the volume and seriousness of offences i.e. to address risk and harm.

Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)


Safer Cornwall Reoffending Strategy 2016-2019


Together For Families


This needs assessment is produced to inform the delivery and development of the Together for Families approach in Cornwall. It focuses on families with complex multiple needs and how well those needs are being met by current service delivery arrangements. The key themes covered are Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, School Absence and Exclusions, Children Who Need Help, Financial Exclusion and Worklessness, Domestic Abuse, Health Problems, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Housing.


Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)


Together for Families Needs Assessment 2016-17


Mental Health Service Maps


Research by Safer Cornwall in 2016 showed a need for a clear guide about referring individuals to mental health services. These maps were developed in order to assist Safer Cornwall services when making referrals or signposting individuals to mental health services in Cornwall.

These maps show:

  • Primary and secondary mental healthcare services including which conditions they treat and how to contact them
  • Details of other community mental health services including services for veterans
  • Details of specialist community safety services for drug and alcohol misuse and domestic abuse and sexual violence
  • A mini guide of what a good quality referral to mental health services should include.


Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)

Service Mapping Adult 2018



Peninsula Strategic Assessment (PSA)

Service Mapping Child 2018




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