“One Too Many?”

2 October 2019 Posted by

An invitation to check the safety of your alcohol use.

“One Too Many?” is a new Cornwall Public Health campaign that promotes the use of the Drinks Meter App and website, through a dedicated ‘Healthy Cornwall’ web page: https://www.healthycornwall.org.uk/onetoomany that links to the App download site: https://bit.ly/2kUU7IP

Based on Cornwall’s alcohol related hospital admissions statistics, the target group is middle aged men, with the specific starting point being those who watch sport while having a beer or three.

As such, the Social Media and video messaging and visuals are geared towards that group, aiming to ask inviting questions that draw people to download the App and then assess their own intake level, and other alcohol related risk factors

If people then want to talk to a local service at any stage, based on their App feedback, Healthy Cornwall are ready and waiting. Any appropriate cases can also be referred to Addaction, the local alcohol treatment provider.

As time goes on, over the next 12 months this the campaign may broaden beyond this specific target group, with the next step up being Alcohol Awareness Week starting on November 11th, and the4n the festive Season and New Year period.


In the first couple of weeks of the campaign, which has had a deliberately slow start in order to make sure everything is set up and working, there have been over 70 clicks through to the App stores from these posts.

The campaign launch has also been backed up in a Cornwall Council Newsletter, and an article on the website, “7 Signs you might be drinking too much” (https://bit.ly/2lNCDOL) which also features the Cornwall Council ‘Safe Drinking Levels’ video: https://youtu.be/PikUdQbVKeo

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