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The key objective of the service is to improve early identification and support for those who are at risk of homelessness in Cornwall.

People at risk of homelessness, including but not limited to people who are ‘sofa surfing’ and people about to be discharged from hospital. The service will support people to maintain their existing accommodation or to identify alternative accommodation as appropriate, working with clients to identify and manage risks to their safety.

It is only for those who do not fall under any statutory duty (ie, not within 56 days of homelessness).

Nos Da Kernow will provide a service in a manner that is flexible, person-centred and responsive to the individual needs and agreed outcomes with the Client. The Client will be supported to identify their strengths and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their housing related goals. Clients will be supported to develop increased self-esteem, self-worth and to integrate into their community.

All Clients will have an up-to-date, outcome-focused support and risk management plan that is reviewed with appropriate frequency and includes input from other agencies as appropriate. Support plans will reflect any cultural, religious and lifestyle needs.  This plan will focus on stabilising or securing housing and then signposting to other agencies for ongoing support where needed with other goals.

Nos Da Kernow will initially offer information and advice and support to help people self-advocate; non-statutory advocacy will be offered when required. This includes but is not limited to helping people to complete forms and utilise online self-help tools related to independent living and self-management of health and wellbeing. Where possible and practicable, people accessing the service have opportunities to be involved in all aspects of the Service. This will include but is not limited to decision making, planning and reviewing the service, staff recruitment, induction and training, and service delivery.

No Da Kernow will undertake proactive, rapid intervention and outreach to clients referred as being at risk of homelessness and will work with, and alongside, colleagues in all partner agencies to provide those referred with the support needed to prevent them from becoming homeless.

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Referrals can also be sent to: supportedhousingreferrals@cornwallhousing.org.uk


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