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15 July 2020 Posted by

“In June, Our Safeguarding Children Partnership (OSCP) launched ‘Speak Out’; a new campaign to raise awareness of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) within families and to encourage people to seek help and report their concerns.

We want to take the responsibility of reporting CSA away from children and young people, who may be unable to speak out for a variety of different reasons. Instead, we are reminding adults of the important role they have in being a trusted person in a child’s life, being able to recognise the potential signs of CSA and being prepared to speak out when they think something’s wrong. We want people to understand that you don’t have to be 100% certain that something is wrong to report a concern, but that any information given could provide us with the missing details needed to protect a child or young person from harm.

The campaign is particularly important at a time when social distancing rules may mean that children are isolated from friends, school and other social links, meaning that the risk that signs of abuse may go unnoticed has increased.


For more information, or to download our free campaign resources, please visit: www.cornwall.gov.uk/stopcsa

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