Politicians asked to say NO to Hate crime

28 April 2015 Posted by

With the General Election nearly upon us, politicians from all parties have an opportunity to tell us how they will tackle discrimination and hate incidents and crimes.

In March, all of the major political parties were written to, and invited to encourage their candidates to support the Safer Cornwall ‘Say NO to hate’ campaign.












“ I was going to the shop in my wheelchair when a group of people spat at me and called me names, this hurt my feelings.”

“ I was on Facebook when I saw racist comments on a friend’s page and this offended me.”

“ I was at a nightclub when someone hit me and shouted verbal abuse about the colour of my skin.”

“ I saw an adoption poster covered in graffiti saying horrible things about same sex couples adopting children.”


Hate crime in any form is wrong but if it goes unchallenged, it will continue to happen. That is why it is important that if you experience, see or know about hate crime in your community, you should report it.

We all need to say NO to hate.



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