Our aim is to prevent crime in your neighbourhood

Joining a local Watch Scheme , joining Devon and Cornwall alert and marking your property are ways in which you can help prevent crime in your community.

For specific advice about different types of crime please see the links below.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
    Find out more about anti-social behaviour, what it is and what you should do if you are affected by it
  • Domestic abuse
    Find out more about domestic abuse and what support is available to help you
  • Sexual assaults
    Any sexual contact without your consent is sexual assault and is a crime. Find out more about sexual assault and how the Devon and Cornwall Sexual Assault Referral Centre can help you
  • Burglary
    Find out how to secure your home and minimise the risk of being burgled.
  • Criminal damage and arson
    Find out how to help keep your property and possessions safe from criminal damage and arson.
  • Cyber Aware
    Find the information you need to protect yourselves, your families, and your businesses from cybercrime on the website of this cross-government campaign.
  • Get Safe Online
    Find information on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobiles device and your business against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online.
  • Possession of weapons
    Gun and knife crime are serious forms of criminality that create fear in communities. Find out more about how the police tackle these crimes, and how you can report them anonymously.
  • Protecting your mobile phone against theft
    Simple steps you can take to prevent your mobile phone being stolen
  • Theft and robbery
    Find out what measures you can take to keep your possessions safe and travel safely
  • Vehicle crime
    Find out more about the measures you can take to make your vehicle more secure

Crimestoppers  and Neighbourhood Watch  also provide a range of crime prevention information.


Crimes against businesses

Crime against business can take many forms and can include such crimes as shoplifting, fraud, burglary, vandalism and verbal and physical assaults on staff.

Devon and Cornwall police’s business pages  provide a range of advice about how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of business crime i.e. the safety of your premises, your property, your money and the safety of your staff.

The National Association of Business Crime Partnerships also provide useful information on issues such as the most common crime issues your business is likely to face, your legal obligations, what you can do to prevent or deter crime and where you can go for more information. I couldn’t easily find a guide to link to! There is a link on there to Home Office Guidance for reporting violence but that’s all…



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