Our aim is to prevent crime in your neighbourhood

Working with our local partners agencies, we work hard to try and prevent crime in Cornwall.

You too, can help to keep crime down by selecting one of the choices on the Devon and Cornwall website, which provide advice to help you protect yourself and your property from crime.

Please click here to visit the Devon and Cornwall Police Website  for advice on the following:

  • Business
  • Bogus callers
  • Burglary/theft/buying a new car/Fraud
  • Property marking
  • Keyholder scheme
  • Holiday safety
  • Mobile phones
  • Personal Safety
  • Property marking

Get safe online

Please go to Get safe online for best advice.


Business Security

Crimes committed against businesses can have a very high cost. Injuries can be sustained, valuable stock and equipment can be lost, premises damaged and staff morale affected. Therefore, it is essential to take appropriate security measures in order to protect your business.

The security measures you should employ will depend on factors such as your location, the type of goods you sell, your trading hours and the staff you employ. This guide explains the most common security issues your business is likely to face, your legal obligations, what you can do to prevent or deter crime and where you can go for more information or click here to view the Association of Business Crime Partnerships.


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