Safe Space for Women and Girls at Boardmasters

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The Women’s Centre Cornwall is hosting a Safe Space for Women and Girls at Boardmasters 2019, to prevent and respond to sexual assault at the festival.

This will be delivered with the support of Boardmasters, Safer Cornwall, the OPCC and a bank of volunteers from the Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence, Drug & Alcohol and Children and Young People’s services; providing education, safety information and disclosure facilities for women and girls, primarily, with additional provision for men and boys.

The Safe Space will be situated next to the main welfare tent, offering a chill out, meeting and vanity area for women and girls to come and get ready, with a group of specialist professionals providing awareness and safety information around sexual assault and harassment, as well as encouraging peer on peer support.

In the event of a sexual assault, there will be disclosure cabins and specialised staff to document the disclosure and respond to the needs of the victim, whether that be reporting to the police, attending the SARC or merely offering a safe space to be, to access support.

The multi-agency team will have a significant presence throughout the festival, over a 24hr rota, offering outreach support in collaboration with Addaction workers and Festival Angels. Safer Cornwall, in collaboration with the Women’s Centre Cornwall, will be providing safeguarding refresher training to the festival staff and security, and providing all staff with a sexual assault protocol; facilitating a robust, consistent and simple process for everyone to refer to and follow.

Boardmasters are supporting this initiative and, in conjunction with the Women’s Centre and Safer Cornwall, will be delivering a substantial communications campaign; encouraging all festival goers to support, safeguard and educate their peers and the wider festival community about the prevalence of sexual assault and how to stay safe.

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