Safer Town Walkabouts

7 July 2019 Posted by

Safer Town Walkabouts

Partners from Safer Cornwall and Our Safeguarding Children Partnership are delivering leaflets to retailers in areas across Cornwall in July on the lead up to the school summer holidays as part of the ‘I didn’t know’ campaign about spotting the signs of child exploitation.

We will be providing leaflets, posters and advice about what child exploitation is and how to spot the signs.  We will also outline where people can find advice and support and report any concerns.

Retailers and the service industry are in a unique position to help – evidence shows that public locations can be used as locations to meet, groom and exploit children and young people (both female and male).

Exploited children and young people are almost always too terrified and ashamed to ask for help themselves.  Staff are in a unique position to notice when someone or something seems suspicious, or all may not be right with young customers.  By passing on their concerns to the police, they could potentially save a child from exploitation.  We will provide an update in the next edition of the newsletter.



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