Our aim is that Cornwall is a place where the people who live, work and visit here feel safe and are safe, through partners working together to tackle crime, alcohol, drugs, anti-social behaviour and their impacts. The Safer Towns Programme provides a targeted multi-agency response in ten towns across Cornwall, directly involving local organisations and community groups in examining local problems and what everyone can do to improve them.

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This is the 2019/20 Delivery Plan for Safer Penzance which has been developed with local partners and informed by the 2018 Penzance Town Profile. The Town Profiles are produced annually, alongside the Cornwall-wide Strategic Assessment, and they describe crime, anti-social behaviour and other local issues for the town. The full Strategic Assessment can be viewed here.

We are updating our Strategic Assessment now and the 2019 Town Profiles will be published in the autumn.

See what we are doing locally in Penzance.

Penzance Town area has a population of 19,700 people, of which 49% live in
areas described as deprived. 78% of recorded crime in the West Penwith
network area occurs within the Penzance Town boundary;

• Rates of crime and anti-social behaviour are high compared with the Cornwall

• Over the last 12 months, overall crime levels have been relatively stable
compared with last year. Recent trends show that crime has been increasing,
however, since April 2013 and there have been notable rises in Domestic
Abuse, Thefts, Violence (particularly in the daytime) and Public Order Offences;

• There has been a rise in Shoplifting and Other Thefts across Cornwall and this
may be linked to the emerging impacts of Welfare Reform;

• The high priority issues for Penzance are Domestic Abuse, estimated
prevalence of Dependent Drinking and Problem Drug Use, Rowdy/
Nuisance Anti-Social Behaviour and Young Offenders;

• The “Have Your Say” Survey identified that residents are primarily concerned
about dog fouling, parking and rubbish/ litter in the area



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