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In demonstrating the repeated nature of anti-social acts, personal accounts and diaries help to build up consistent evidence about the nature, frequency and severity of anti-social acts. It helps to quantify the effects that anti-social behaviour has on a personal level and the harassment, alarm or distress it causes to individuals. People often feel more comfortable keeping a personal account as opposed to giving a formal statement to the police, although victim personal statements are a powerful form of evidence.

How important are personal accounts?

Action against anti-social behaviour takes place under civil law. This means that important evidence like victim personal accounts and/or diaries or notes showing repeated anti-social behaviour acts can be used in court as evidence against anyone who is identified as being involved in repeated acts of Anti-social behaviour. If the case comes to court, witnesses do not have to give evidence or be identified in court. A professional witness i.e. a police officer can be used to relay personal accounts in court on behalf of the witness. Witness protection is an extremely high priority and all measures are taken to protect identity where requested.


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