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You may not think that you are abusive towards your partner, and for a variety of reasons you may consider your behaviour is acceptable.

Do you recognise your behaviour in any of the statements below:

  • I often stop my partner/family member from seeing friends and family.
  • I like my partner/family member to be at home or with me all the time and feel agitated or anxious when they are away from me for example at work.
  • I check up on my partner’s/family member’s whereabouts multiple time a day and get frustrated if they do not respond to me immediately.
  • My partner/family member says I am overly critical and they are nervous to voice their opinion.
  • My partner/family member says they are afraid of me.
  • When I lose my temper I have hurt my partner/family member or i am afraid that I will hurt my partner/family member.
  • My partner/family member have said I am controlling.
  • Sometimes I force my partner to have sex with me when I know they do not want to.
  • I control all of our money and do not let my partner/family member have access to it without my permission.
  • My partner/family member say I undermine them and confuse them to get what I want.


If you recognise your behaviours in any of the statements above, contact Safer Futures and ask about their Change 4 U programme.



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