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What is so called Honour Based Violence? (HBV)


‘Honour Based Violence’ is a fundamental abuse of Human Rights.

This violence includes murders which are committed in the name of so-called honour and these are sometimes called “honour killings “.

“Honour Based Violence” can be distinguished from other forms of violence, as it is often committed with some degree of approval and/or collusion from family and/or community members.
Honour is an unwritten code of conduct that involves loss of face on someone’s part if offended against. This code means that women especially must follow rules set at the discretion of male relatives and which are interpreted according to what each male family member considers acceptable. If these rules are broken it is seen as destroying the good name of the family and bringing shame. It is therefore deserving of a punishment which is decided by the male relatives.

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Female Genital Mutilation


All information on this page contributed by:

Jennifer Bourne,

RN, Queens Nurse,

ISVA, Counsellor, FGM Specialist


Email: jenniferbourne@fgmeducation.co.uk for confidential advice.


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