Evidence shows that detoxification is more likely to be successful the more prepared the individual is the more support that they have and the better the aftercare package of support and care is. Thus, planning and preparation are essential. This includes psychological preparation such as relapse prevention, as well as addressing physical issues such as childcare, pets and homes being looked after, finance and debts, non-using friends and support.

Following detoxification it will be necessary to continue to address the psychological aspects of dependence to prevent relapse. Whilst many people may manage this at home with support from friends and family, others will be helped by attending structured day programmes and a small minority may require residential rehabilitation programmes. Although detoxification can be a short treatment, rehabilitation is likely to take a long time, and having things to do and support from others are vital to sustain success.

Detoxification services in Cornwall are different for drugs and alcohol.


Alcohol Detoxification

Depending on how serious the levels of harmful drinking are, options include:

  • Gradual reduction without medication with support from We Are With You, friends and family.
  • Home detoxification with medication supported by your GP surgery or Addaction
  • Some Community Hospitals offer detoxification as an in-patient service. Referral for this is via Addaction treatment services.
  • If you are acutely unwell in Treliske hospital a specialist nurse in the hospital liaison service will advise the ward on the most suitable form of detoxification medication.
  • Residential detoxification within Cornwall at Boswyns.
  • Residential detoxification outside of Cornwall.

Usually people who receive alcohol detoxification in Cornwall will be offered a post detoxification structured day programme immediately following their detox.

View our Quick Guide to Alcohol Detox in Cornwall document.


Drug Detoxification

  • Community detoxification programme
  • Residential detoxification within Cornwall at Boswyns
  • In-patient detoxification outside of Cornwall


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