Supporters of National Hate Crime Awareness week

 NameI'm supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week because:
Harbour Housinghate crime has a real impact on victims and communities and it needs to be clear that it will not be tolerated.
Bowden Derra Park LimitedWe wish to afford our service users the very best protection possible and are committed to achieving this.
Malcolm BrownHate crime is a dreadful thing and it shocks me. It appears that it is growing and we should all take a stand to defend values of fairness and decency.
Helen Nicholsonliving with love is liberating; living with hate is debilitating and unjust
Lorna Truscott
Pat Lloyd Safeguarding Lead Saltash CollegeI am against any type of discrimination and hate incidents/hate crime
Kilmar House Care HomeThere is no place for hate crime in this day and age and we should do everything we can to stamp it out.
Pat Lloyd Safeguarding Lead Saltash CollegeI am against any type of discrimination and hate incidents/hate crime
Jo CowlingThis affects individuals and communities in a massive negative way
Ken RadfordHaving mixed race grandchildren, I've seen at first hand how destructive any form of hate can be.
Susan CroarkinIt is not acceptable in modern day society, we all know better now so lets put it into practice, we are all equal, love thy neighbour.
Gina CutlerWe all need together to educate and eradicate hate crime. We ought to celebrate the richness diversity brings.
Elaine Sudsburyi am a manager in a care home and support hate crime as think it is important that every one is supported and cared for equally
Julia ParsonsBecause l want to live in a society that is diverse and inclusive
Piskies Explorer Scout UnitScouting is all inclusive and welcomes everyone in to our family. Hate and prejudice have no place in the modern world and we will work towards a world where everyone is accepted for who they are. #spreadlovenothate
sophie coles
Becky CrossThere should be no place for hate in our communities
Rob NolanTo raise awareness of Hate Crime and support victims.
Steve RowellI am making this pledge to unite against hatred or hostility directed at anyone because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or because they are transgender. I will also challenge those responsible for hate crimes when they occur to demonstrate that we do not tolerate hate crime in Cornwall. Every person can make a difference!
Erika SorensenHate crime has no place in our communities and we need to stand together to challenge it, report it, stop it... everyone has the right to feel safe.
Simon MouldIn 2019 there should be no place for outmoded behaviours, where people are subject to any form of hate, or are discriminated against because of the differences. Together let us celebrate the benefits of diversity and promote inclusiveness for all
Sarah NeckeWe should all live without fear or prejudice.
HarrietNo one should be the subject of Hate Crime
Lucy AllisonThere is no place for hate.
Elen ThomasEveryone should feel safe and welcome in our communities. It would be fantastic is we could become a hate free county!
Skye Hartshorn-BateI want my children to live in a society where we all celebrate our differences and where everyone feels safe to be themselves. Lets hope that one day the term 'Hate Crime' no longer exists.
Barbara Ellenbroekthere is no place for Hate Crime in Cornwall
Tamsin LeesEveryone has the right to feel safe
Kelly CumberbatchI ahve been a victim of hate crime
Teresa PascoeNot only is Hate destructive for the recipient it's destructive for the giver. Love is better for all
Lee BeresfordMy partner who is German and I have a 2 year old daughter that we want to raise in a peaceful, compassionate world where all are equal and we take the time to learn from other peoples experiences and views without the need for violence and aggression. At the start of the Brexit process I witnessed my girlfriend being told to F off home by an aggressive Ill informed man and it’s not a very nice experience.
Carrie McCall
AnnaMy boyfriend was yelled at in the street that he 'ought to have died at birth' because he uses a wheelchair.
Emma MatthewsI want to raise awareness and stand together to to stop hate crime.
MAKE ME A PLANEveryone is special and nobody should be hurt because of that.
Elizabeth UrenI have been there and victim of disability hate crime.
Bicton CollegeEveryone deserves to live in a world where they feel safe.
Kim Hagerpeople don't always think that his happens in Cornwall.
Christine Walker-Bootheverybody deserves the right to be themselves. We should celebrate diversity and respect each other.
Ali GerryI am a Learning Enrichment Officer and I am supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week because I want to keep our students safe, aware and supported in life and will know how to keep themselves safe.
Jeff Collins
Ian ThomasI believe that as a society we need to be more understanding and tolerant of those who have differences from our own beliefs, culture, history, sexuality and religion.
Cornwall College NewquayHate crime has no place in our college or society
Duchy College RosewarneWe are an inclusive college that actively embed British Values into college life and the education of our students. We are not afraid to challenge their beliefs when needed, and use education to stop hate.
Paula W...everyone deserves to live without the fear of being bullied, harassed or attacked. A smile costs nothing 🤗
Duchy College StokeAll people should be able to be themselves without hate or fear of attack
Brendan Goughit's the right thing to do.
Hate crime is the thin end of a wedge which ends with the likes of Rwanda, Auschwitz or Srenebenica
GILL SEARLEwe all need to be involved.
Mia GiudettiEveryone has a right to be and not be judged
We all have a right to feel safe
Duchy College RosewarneOur students need to feel secure, supported and safe. We promote British Values, personal liberty, tolerance and understanding. We encourage our learners to spread love not hate.
suan wheelerI am the learner enrichment office for Camborne college and what to help to stop hate crime
Tim Hunt
Noreen JefferiesIt's easy to forget the impact intolerance has on people's daily lives. If it's not checked and challenged anyone can fall victim because of how they look, the way they sound etc. Standing together is one of the best ways to suppress hate crimes and keep communities safe.
Stephen HorscroftEveryone should be able to express themselves how they wish, love who they want and be who they are. We are stronger together as a human race.
Kev Brownwe should all be able to live and work in a world free from incidents or acts of hate, violence or hostility.
Cornwall College - St AustellAs a college community we are working together with our student body to promote equality and understanding and to eliminate hate and intolerance of others
Henrietta BoexFalmouth Town Council Cultural Services team work in the community to foster better understanding and tolerance of otherness. Creative workshops at the Art Gallery, Library, Dracaena Centre and in our parks, gardens and cemeteries help people to integrate and connect with the community at large.
Falmouth Marine SchoolWe as an educational provider aim to be inclusive irrespective of race, gender, religion or creed and strive to stamp out bullying of any kind to ensure our learners can learn, enjoy and thrive in a fully supportive environment
Andrew KirchinHate in all its forms is abhorrent.
Emma Guewe should support each other and differences not highlight them.
Mike CarnallIn the 21st Century, a modern civil society should be one that is free of prejudice, discrimination and hatred. Everyone has the right to live their lives free of abuse, threats, intimidation and harassment.
JustinI wish to give love not hate,
I wish to feel love not hate,
I wish to #spreadlovenothate
Dorian ThomasI wish in promote that hate incident will not be tolerated and assist in promoting tolerance with in our community and society in general. Also assist in pushing the tide back in this negative atmosphere socially and more embarrassingly politically.
I want our homeless community to excepted, supported and given hope.
Terry Nottleindividuals can make a difference
David AmblerWith the increasing use of inflammatory language, especially by individuals who are meant to lead - a week like this will hopefully act as a check to everyone.
PcKernowPckernow believes in equal justice for everyone, especially at these interesting times.
Liskeard Town ForumI believe in equality for all.
Cllr Nick CrakerWe all have a role to play in ending hate crime #StandTogetherAgainstHate
Olly BaylissHate has no place in the year 2019 no matter who you are. We all experience the same hardships in life and need to come together to leave a better world for those after us.
Martyn AddinallAll of us deserve the right to enjoy our life at work and play without feeling under a cloud of totally unnecessary focus from those who feel superior because of their own beliefs.
Suzanne LeggettHate has no place in a civilized society. Celebrate difference - people are endlessly fascinating!
Fliss HedgeHate crime affects many people I support and knowing what it is and what it looks like empowers people to report it and talk to someone when it happens.
Roxanne Sutherland I want to stand up against Hateful acts and Crimes against people in or society.
"Spread Love Not Hate"



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