Winter driving messages delivered during recent cold snap!

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Winter driving messages delivered during recent cold snap!

Whole time watches across Cornwall have been delivering vital winter driving messages to drivers regarding the importance of carrying out winter safety checks and making appropriate changes to their driving in wintery, snowy or icy conditions. Watches who supported this campaign include Blue Watch from Tolvaddon, Orange Watch from Truro and Green and Orange Watch from Bodmin.

Watches were asked to attend supermarkets or businesses local to them to deliver this campaign; alternatively they had the option to attend any other local events/areas where there is a good footfall of drivers to communicate with.

Key messages delivered to drivers included:

Frozen doors:

  • A squirt of WD40 will prevent your door locks from freezing up.


  • Check tyres are inflated correctly. Aim for at least 2mm of tread in winter to handle the additional mud and rain.


  • When was the last time you checked your fluid levels? Top up and use an additive in your screenwash. Low or no oil is the quickest way to a vehicle breakdown.


  • Don’t use your wipers to clear ice! They are designed for nothing tougher than water!
  • But do make sure you clear all windows before taking off.

Driving advice:

  • Slow down and increase the distance between you and other vehicles. Stopping distances double in wet conditions and in icy conditions can increase up to ten times.
  • Put your lights on. You want other drivers to see you, use your headlights not side lights to ensure other drivers can see you.
  • Avoid driving if at all possible in icy or snowy conditions. Can you work from home? Delay your journey?

Initial evaluations results who that these events were very effective in raising drivers awareness og the importance of preparing their vehicle for winter and increased the likelihood that they would do so.

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