Harrassment Here is a list of support if you are experiencing harassment


Harassment can take many forms ranging from physical or verbal bullying to stalking, or online activity through social media. Harassment can be a criminal offence and should be reported. If you are being harassed there are actions you can take as well as reporting mechanisms and support available to you.

Ideas for you

Do not suffer alone or in silence. Discussing your problems will make a difference and help you to think through how to sort them out. Let someone know what is happening. This may include friends, parents, a carer, a teacher, an organisation or the police.

Things that might help

Citizen’s Advice offer guidance on acts of harassment that may be a criminal offence under the Equality Act. You can find out more here

Advice from Neighbourhood Watch regarding street harassment is available here

The Hate Crime reporting systems for Devon and Cornwall police are available here

Other information and support

Guidance from the Police on what to do if you are being harassed by someone on social media is available here