Homelessness means not having a home, but you can be homeless even if you have a roof over your head. You can be homeless if you do not have rights or permission to stay where you are, or if you live in unsuitable housing.

You count as homeless if you are:

• staying with friends or family (sofa surfing)
• staying in a hostel, night shelter or B&B
• squatting (because you have no legal right to stay)
• at risk of domestic abuse
• experiencing violence in your home
• living in poor conditions that affect your health
• separated from your family because you do not have a place to live together

Ideas for you

Get in touch with Cornwall Housing at the earliest opportunity who will offer a housing options interview to assess your housing circumstances. They will investigate your circumstances to see how they can best support.

• Register online via Jigsaw at the link below who will send your details to the homelessness service Housing Jigsaw.
•  if you don’t have internet access call Cornwall Housing on 0300 1234 161

Other services and support

You can access information about council housing, affordable housing and being added to the Homechoice Register via Cornwall Council’s housing support pages.

If you see someone rough sleeping you can make a referral to Steetlink using this link