Street drinking Street drinking can be intimidating to other people


The consumption of alcohol in public places is not against the law in many cases. It is when a person or group of people who are consuming alcohol in a public place start to act in an anti-social manner that we need to take action. Street drinking usually falls into the NUISANCE category of anti-social behaviour.

Street drinking can be perceived as intimidating by others. Alcohol misuse is linked to disorder and contributes to an increase in people’s fear of crime; there is a perception that alcohol-related violence on the streets is increasing, and some members of the public see drinking on the street as a problem. Many people are therefore less, rather than more, likely to want to spend time in city centres perceived as violent and dominated by alcohol.

Acts of rowdy nuisance behaviour, use of foul or abusive language, threatening behaviour or even acts of indecency are all factors that would cause the ASB Team and partner agencies to become involved.

Ideas for you

Devon and Cornwall Police are the primary agency to report to when it comes to alcohol related disorder in public. If you experience incidents of street drinking or anti-social behaviour, please call Devon and Cornwall Police on:

Non Emergency call: 101
Email: [email protected]

Or use the online form at and click “Contact” then “Report”

Emergencies: If a crime is happening or there is an immediate threat of harm call 999

Other things you can do are:

Report the activity to your local authority using the online form available here

Join a local Neighbourhood Watch group or residents association to raise concerns together. Information on local groups is available here.

Things that might help

If you are a local businesses, why not join DISC – the online information-sharing system for crime reduction. It empowers communities to ‘self manage’ low level crime and ASB, and enables police to work with them to deliver a new kind of effective, joined-up community policing. Speak with your local Business Improvement District (BID) to see if there is already a DISC system set up in your area or if it is something your town could join up to.

It is also possible to speak with local alcohol support services if you are concerned about an individual – they can offer advice and support around alcohol – Cornwall, Truro – With You ( Telephone – 0333 2000 325

St Petrocs Society

St Petrocs was the first organisation in Cornwall set up to provide accommodation to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness, who often fall outside the statutory responsibility of the local authority. 

01872 264153


StreetLink is a website, mobile app and phone service for England and Wales, which enables people to send an alert when they see someone sleeping rough to connect that person to local support services that can help to end their homelessness. 

StreetLink itself is not an outreach service or an accommodation provider, nor is it an emergency service. It is the link between someone sleeping rough and the independent local services available.

0300 500 0914