Transforming relationships through the Healthy Foundations Programme

16 August 2023

Creating and maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships is essential for our overall well-being. However, it’s not always easy to navigate the complexities of relationships, especially without proper guidance and support. That’s where the Change 4U Healthy Foundations Programme comes in. This 8-week group program is designed to empower young individuals aged 15-17 and adults 18 and over to develop healthier, stronger relationships. Let’s explore the programme, its core elements, and the positive impact it has had on participants.

“Meeting new friends, more understanding on healthier relationships, putting trust in myself.”

Former HFP client

The Journey to Healthier Relationships: The Healthy Foundations Programme (HFP) offers a safe and confidential environment for participants to learn, grow, and connect with others. Regardless of age, individuals are welcomed into age-specific groups, ensuring that the content and discussions are tailored to their specific needs and experiences.

“I discovered that I wasn’t the unhealthy one in my relationship. Sometimes you just have to draw a line and move on from a unhealthy relationship.”

Former HFP client

Key Topics Covered: Over the course of 8 weeks, the HFP covers a wide range of topics that are crucial for building healthy relationships, and utilised per the needs of each group. Participants may learn about expectations within relationships, the importance of consent, identifying coercion, power dynamics, the impact of stereotyping, navigating social media, understanding the influence of pornography, practicing effective contraception, recognising different forms of abuse, accessing support services, exploring parenting challenges, and prioritizing self-care.

Shared Experiences and Support: One of the standout features of the Healthy Foundations Programme is the opportunity for participants to connect with others who share similar experiences. Through weekly group sessions, individuals find solace in knowing they are not alone in their journey towards healthier relationships. Participants speak highly of the warmth and support they receive from their peers, making them feel understood, heard, and less isolated.

“Having personal boundaries & standing by my personal values. Not self abandoning. To leave a relationship when I am not feeling safe or heard.”

Former HFP client

The Role of Dedicated Workers: The programme’s success wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated workers who facilitate the group sessions. Participants express gratitude for their workers, describing them as “amazing” and “brilliant”. These professionals play a crucial role in leading the discussions, providing guidance, and creating a safe space for participants to explore their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Their support and expertise contribute to the transformative experiences participants undergo.

Empowerment and Personal Growth: Through the Healthy Foundations Programme, individuals discover newfound strength, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of themselves. They learn to establish personal boundaries, stand by their values, and recognise signs of abuse or coercion in relationships. The programme encourages participants to trust themselves and make choices that prioritise their well-being. As a result, individuals become more confident, resilient, and capable of making healthier relationship decisions.

“I enjoyed it all, I have treated it as an hour and a half a week that’s about me only. This I will miss.”

Former HFP client

A Focus on Self-Care and Individual Well-being: In addition to relationship dynamics, the Healthy Foundations Programme emphasises the importance of self-care. Participants are encouraged to prioritise their own well-being, understanding that taking care of themselves is essential for maintaining healthy relationships. The program provides tools and resources, such as affirmations in the workbook, to boost participants’ confidence and foster a sense of self-worth. Self-care is encouraged and reflected on throughout a clients entire journey.

“The affirmations in the workbook have helped me to read every night to try and boost my confidence. I will be reading the workbook lots.”

Former HFP client

The Change 4U Healthy Foundations Programme offers a transformative journey for individuals seeking to improve the quality of their relationships. Through a combination of educational content, group discussions, and dedicated workers, participants gain valuable knowledge, skills, and insights to build healthier and stronger foundations in their relationships. By joining age-specific groups and engaging with shared presenting needs, individuals find solace, support, and understanding from their peers. Ultimately, the programme empowers participants to make informed choices, establish boundaries, and nurture relationships that thrive on respect, equality, and trust.

The HFP is primarily provided in a group format, accessible online with an option for day or evening sessions, and one to one can be provided where necessary.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation in your relationships, the Change 4U Healthy Foundations Programme is here to guide you every step of the way. Take the first step towards building healthier foundations and make a referral at or call our helpline on 0300 777 4 777 and ask about the Healthy Foundations Programme.

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