Shoplifting happens in Cornwall as it does everywhere else in the country. Thanks to new technologies made available at more affordable prices, businesses are in a better position than ever to protect their business and their staff.

Ideas for you

Think about the systems, processes and welfare you should have in place for you and your employees.
What systems do YOU have in place or could you put in place to reduce the likelihood of crime happening – for example shoplifting and/or violence against staff? Things that may help protect your business, yourself, and your staff include the following:


CCTV must be appropriate and fit for your purpose (one size does not fit all). There are also laws and guides that you must follow when installing CCTV in a commercial premises. You can access guidance here.

Staff training and welfare

Consider staff training in how to respond to customers (staff safety is paramount and they are key to your defence against shoplifters) and use the practical tools made available e.g. appropriately placed mirrors, radios, who and how to contact for assistance.

The welfare of staff is important, and employers have a duty of care and responsibility for their employee’s. Staff that are cared for are more likely to be more productive and loyal. The below link provides guidance for consideration:


For ‘lone workers’ and ‘personal safety’ guidance the Suzy Lamplugh Trust charity provides excellent guidance listed under different subject categories such as travelling for work, working alone and safety for estate agents which can be found here.

The Devon and Cornwall Police website has more crime prevention guidance and can be found here:
Security and Prevention.

Display empty containers or boxes with the expensive items secured elsewhere.

There is much to consider but we hope this guidance available via the below link for retailers on preventing theft and shoplifting will assist.

The actual reporting of a theft follows a process to maximise the opportunity for an effective investigation and is vitally important. The crime recording process follows logical steps to fully understand the nature of the problem that exists.

It is important to report all crime including violence against retail staff which is not acceptable.
You can report crimes direct to Devon and Cornwall Police online via the link below or by emailing: [email protected]

Things that might help

Police UK offer a useful guide to six top tips for securing your shop and premises. You can access it here.

Other services and support

Additional Met Police guidance is available on how to spot shoplifters and how to protect your business from burglary.

Crime Stoppers offer a useful guide on how to help prevent rural crime, you can access it here.