Pilot of the DASV Primary Care service has been a great success.

21 June 2023

The service provides GP surgeries a single point of contact for domestic abuse and sexual violence, a direct referral pathway into specialist services and training for surgery staff.

Since Safer Cornwall commissioned the service 2 years ago, 40 of the 60 surgeries across Cornwall have engaged in the service and received training on how to recognise and respond to domestic abuse and sexual violence.

We have seen a huge increase in referrals into specialist services (both domestic abuse and sexual violence) from GP surgeries suggesting the service has been successful in increasing the confidence and skills of staff in surgeries.

81% increase in referrals over the last year

Most of those referred were not previously known to services, this means that without this vital service these people would not have had access to support.

55% of those accessing the service had never reached out for support before.

The service also supports those engaging in abusive behaviour and 5 people this year so far have been able to access our behaviour change programme ā€“ Change 4 You ā€“ through the DASV Primary Care Service.

Feedback from surgeries and those using the service has been overwhelmingly positive:

“It makes all the difference to have a named person who we can easily contact, and who has the expertise to direct and support the client as necessary.”

“I Have been able to refer many individual’s to the service and have received a rapid and understanding response, comments from some of my patients have been that J is amazing, Don’t know what I would have done with out her!”

“This service has saved our practice a huge amount of time by being able to provide the right response at the right time for patients. Thank you”

ā€œGP adviser communicates with us in a fantastic way, we know that patients don’t have to wait long for that initial contact and the feedback is that she is warm, caring and compassionate”

Due to the success Safer Cornwall has extended the service for another year while longer term funding can be sourced.

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