Refugee and Asylum Seeker Outreach Team

13 April 2023

The first update from the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Outreach Team!  Exciting!

Nat Mitchell started in post as Team Lead on 27th March and, alongside colleagues from the DAAT Team, spent days interviewing the candidates shortlisted for the Outreach roles.  “Thank you does not seem enough for their generosity of time and the lovely warm welcome.   The wider Safer Cornwall Team were very welcoming also” – Nat .

85 candidates from across the UK and World applied for the five new outreach roles – a record for Cornwall Council HR support.  This made the short listing and interview process both a marathon and a delight.

To read and hear so many stories of passion, compassion and bravery from many applicants, people who were thrilled that a Team was being set up by Cornwall Council to support Refugees and Asylum Seekers.  Many who have experience of helping people in this field never thought that they would see a role like this in Cornwall, they were proud that Cornwall Council were being progressive, pro-active and passionate in this field.


“It is heartening to know that there are so many people skilled and caring in regard to this work. It’s so needed.”

“I have always had a passion for working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers and never expected it to be an option within Cornwall”

“To have the opportunity to work for a Council that wants to work with Refugees is really exciting”

“Excited to see a positive response to an increased need in Cornwall”

“I’ve been privileged to grow up and raise my family in a safe and secure environment, to support others who have faced trauma within a Cornwall Council setting is a great opportunity”

“Thank you for setting up a Team that I thought I would never see in Cornwall”

The Team are due to start in May, “it has been a privilege throughout this process to feel so much positivity and warmth from our great Community that is Cornwall.  It instils both hope and pride” said Nat.

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