Truro Safe The Truro Safe partnership works together to reduce crime, disorder and Anti-Social Behaviour.

Working locally to improve community safety

Truro Safe has been established since 2013. Originally the partnership was focused on evening and night time economy issues but due to changes with priorities for the city the partnership has adapted to address all community safety concerns. It works in partnership to reduce crime and disorder outlined in the Delivery Plan, which is based on the evidence presented in the Truro City Profile, feedback from the Residents Survey and emerging concerns.

Based on the evidence presented in the Truro City Profile and feedback from the Residents Survey, the following have been identified as community safety priorities for the City:

  • Homelessness
  • Young People and Youth Crime
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Community Engagement and Building Community Resilience
  • Domestic Abuse and Sexual violence

Our Delivery Plan will also support Safer Cornwall’s priorities which are; Domestic Abuse and Sexual violence and Alcohol-Related Harm.

What have we achieved so far?

During the easing of restrictions we have had to carefully consider community safety impacts including; Covid Marshal patrolling, changes to licensed premises and queuing. These decisions have been made through the partnership which was already established. This establishment allowed for a quick response and plan for the complexities of having a pandemic. A number of agencies continued to be front line support for our communities, including our Police teams who had to not only continue to enforce crime and disorder but also had to respond to regular changes in legislation and enforcement, which increased their remit and demand. Our Housing Teams also responded to a huge increase in individuals who presented as homeless and required immediate support, they had to quickly adapt their housing models to create additional provision to ensure no one was rough sleeping but also anyone homeless was safe from the virus spreading. Other partners continued to work face to face during a very uncertain time and their response to continue to support individuals has been remarkable. Allowing a forum to exchange information on service changes due to the pandemic has been important in continuing to delivery support services.

During the summer our Police and Crime Commissioner provided key towns across Cornwall with additional funding to mitigate impacts of an increase in summer demand for local areas. Truro was provided £20,000 to mitigate ASB, community safety and management of covid-19. Truro Safe agreed to use the funding for; Street Marshals who supported with providing advice to the public on social distancing measures but also disrupting ASB, they also provided support to individuals including missing children and those who were intoxicated. The partnership also used the funding for additional CCTV monitoring.

We have held multiple Operational meetings for Truro where we have local escalating issues arise, this has included; Moorfield car park and Lemon Quay. These are restricted meetings where we discuss individuals of concern and ensure there are clear plans in place to support them but also understand what enforcement action is being taken. The issues experienced have been an increase in street drinking, ASB and drug taking. We have had instances where local staff have felt intimated and incidents of assault and criminal damage. In regard to incidents at Moorfield we were able to progress an Eviction Order which provided notice to individuals who were permanently rough sleeping in the car park but nearly all individuals had accommodation. This did disrupt the issue but as expected did move the issue to another area of the City. As a partnership we have met to understand what the long term plan for street drinking is in Truro. We have agreed that an enforcement approach is necessary where individuals are causing ASB and have local accommodation and support available. Our Outreach Teams have been responding to the dynamic changes needed for these issues and engaged well to get those who are rough sleeping into accommodation quickly. We have built stronger links with our Probation colleagues who attend the Operational meetings.

Throughout June and the beginning of July we saw escalating concerns around young people in Truro, particularly in regard to ASB. Our Children’s Services colleagues through the local disruption meetings for the Missing and Child Exploitation group have held a number of multi-agency meetings, to discuss the young people involved with this group and individuals on the periphery. We have ensured support and enforcement has been balanced and appropriate for each young person. The Inspector for Truro secured additional funding for Police resource in the City Centre to patrol key ‘hot spot’ areas. They have also targeted key offenders. Through the Safe Summer Scheme we were successful in securing additional CCTV monitoring and Street Marshals for the City. The Street Marshals provide an additional security presence and reassurance to businesses and the public. Young People Cornwall have been providing Outreach, particularly to areas of concern where the young people are congregating. We also continue to review young people under the ASB Target Group meetings, where there have been incidents of ASB reported, this ensures our wider partners including; YZUP and Young People Cornwall, are aware of the issues and linking in targeted work to disrupt the group. We are pleased the risk has reduced in the City but as a partnership we continue to monitor this.

We have installed new CCTV cameras at Moorfield car park, these cameras now provide coverage of the entire car park and evidence needed for any criminal investigations. The cameras also provide a deterrent to those causing ASB and criminal damage in this car park, where we continue to see persistent issues.

Truro Safe have reviewed options regarding more visible patrols across the City, it has been agreed and funding has been provided to support a 12 month pilot project to implement a dedicated ASB Officer for Truro. The main function of their role will be to patrol the City, use the ASB escalation process for enforcement and coordinate the partnership response on the ground. They will also link in with Shopwatch and provide drop in sessions for businesses and the public.

Truro Safe have set up a separate Young People Sub-Group to review what support is available for young people in Truro, identify gaps and agree on additional projects needed. Since the group have started we have gained funding to run an indoor skate ramp, it has been agreed that this will begin in October 2021 and will be open to all young people and run by Young People Cornwall and Mount Hawke Skate Park. We want to encourage young people who don’t use the current outdoor skatepark to access this and also have activities when the weather restricts use. We also have funding agreed to start free basketball sessions, particularly targeting those who are hanging around Truro and may not have the funds to pay for activities, also for those who may never have tried it before. The sub-group have identified that Truro needs more free, accessible activities for young people and this will continue to be the aim of the group to create these in our communities.

Truro Safe continues to have donation boxes available throughout the City which supports those within the City who are homeless. The partnership was pleased to provide sleeping bags and fund two outreach worker packs using the latest donations from members of the public. They have also recently set up a Recovery Fund to support those who need specific items such as clothes, hot meal, transport to an appointment and personal hygiene items.

Latest news for Truro Safe:

Truro Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Campaign

Truro Safe Leaflet

We have produced an information leaflet, mainly aimed at local businesses and visitors, which sets out some of the key issues in relation to street drinking, begging and rough sleeping in Truro.

It provides information on the issues that are visible on the streets, the organisations that are providing support, key contacts should people have any local concerns and also how people can help.

If you would like to be involved with Truro Safe or to find out more please contact [email protected]

Advice for residents and businesses